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Video: Gems of War: HP Boost Ratio Team w/ Lady Anariel

Redeem Code: MRRS3IBETR

Hello everyone! Today I go over troop that increase their damage based on their HP with Lady Anariel.



Hey Tacet,

i am new here in this Forum but since i Play Gems of War i have seen every Video from You and Just want to say Thanks a lot!!

Very Nice to see what you create! I Hope it will never end :wink:

have Fun and again Thx!

Greetz Mike


I was wondering if I could recreate this idea on console - most probably with Celestasia instead of Lady as a looper. Then I don’t really need the spider (nothing uses purple), but would swap it maybe for alchemist. Valk wouldn’t be that much needed in this case, so the first spot would open for something tankier.

Hi Tacet, thanks for yet another excellent video and tutorial.

Also, thanks for spanking my defense team so harshly in the first part of the video. :slight_smile: That team is 30 / 25 but it just collapsed against Lady Ana and her buddies.