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Some help for a newbie

Hello, im not a native english speaker but i would try my best.
Actually im lvl 50 (started yesterday) and i try to be a hardcore player on every game i play (dota2 6000+ mmr, lol challenger, sfv diamond, hs legend). I really love this game and i was doin a lot of research on this amazin forums.
I just level my kingdoms to lvl5 but i just wanna Get some information about a great team comp, actually im using hero (sylvasi blades)/webspinner/valk/ferit but think poison mechanics aré too slow, for now i wanna explore and do some challenges.
Thanks !

Can you tell us more about which troops you have, and which ones you have levelled up? Focus mostly on any Epic and Legendary troops.

Also, do you have Valkyrie?

Also, look at this thread, which was started by someone in a similar position two weeks ago. There are lots of good suggestions there:


Yah that topic was great and helped a lot, but i couldnt find any information about a good team for explore at early lvls (100-)

Click Playlists then Guides. Lots of great info about starting teams and more!

For explore, you want to get a troop with heavy AOE damage. Crimson Bat is undoubtedly the best because it deals true damage, but until you can get that to drop, I suggest you hit up Divinion Fields and finish that quest line - gives you Atlanta which is a reasonable substitute.

Queen Mab and Behemoth are also good for AOE.

Thank you for all your answers ! Actually i just got Venoxia, isnt Crimson Bat but i would try.

Okay, so I’m still pretty noob-ish myself - only been playing for about 3 weeks or so - but from everything I’ve seen so far here in the forums, the only “real” answer to “What’s a good team to start out with?” is “What do you have?” People will make suggestions without knowing what you’ve got, and those are almost always definitely cards to keep in mind for future reference if you don’t have them yet (and just starting out, odds are you won’t).

Aside from the troops you get from quests and the weapons you get from leveling up your masteries, everyone has a different deck, so about the only way you can get solid advice on what troops to use is to post a list of all of your cards. Even that’s not 100% perfect though, because what works great for someone else might bore you to tears.

Some super generic tips I can give for building a team though:

  1. Keep an eye here in the forums on what people are talking about, because again, even if you don’t have the cards yet odds are they know what they’re talking about and it’s good to keep it in mind.
  2. Pay attention to your opponents when you’re playing - if you get creamed and you realize that you have all the cards needed for that team, it might be worth giving it a try.
  3. There’s a crap ton of bonuses for playing with a team that has certain qualities. All of the same “species”, all from the same kingdom, etc. If you’re having trouble figuring out a decent team, see if you can make matches with that and try it out.
  4. Generally speaking you’ll want to try and use as many different colors in your team as possible so you don’t miss a match. Then again though, you can run a good team if you’re missing one or two, and there’s even a bonus if you happen to run a team of unique troops that happen to use the same color.

I’ll let other people give detailed suggestions on leveling troops and traiting, but those are worth looking into also - if your team is almost good enough, but not quite, it might be worth trying to level them up. Souls are kind of a commodity though, and traitstones are very much a commodity - try and find a few other posts with suggestions on those before you just flood a Peasant with all of your souls in hopes he’s awesome. (Spoiler alert: he isn’t.)

The last thing I’ll add is don’t be afraid to lose. You don’t lose any kind of in-game resource, you still gain experience (and a bit of gold at least), and you can build from it - “Crap, I didn’t get to run Venoxia because she was at the bottom of the team and other troops were eating all the greens and purples. Need to move her up a notch.”


I think this is the thread you’re looking for. Fairly recent.

The Deep Borer/Bombot/Bombot/Steam Turrent team should be decently quick and easy to get.

For early gamers, a decent team and an old @Tacet favorite, is Templar, Paladin, Paladin, Paladin (assuming you’re going for Traitstones/Event Stones and not Souls.)

If you’re trying to balance speed and soul/gold farming, since you said you have her, Valkyrie pairs nicely with Rowanne (finish the Forest of Thorns Quests). Maybe something like Templar, Alchemist, Rowanne, Valk?