New Kingdom: Darkstone

Explore the Isle of Darkstone, swarming with the demonic and corrupted!
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Oh wow its unlocked already. Why do I have to go now … must test all the things …

Will console users have access to Darkstone? It looks like an interesting place!

Unless an actual reward is presented for higher level players, I don’t think half of us are doing Quest/Challenges.

To use or not keys is the question, I think i’ll pass on this one, 1.0.8 is just around the corner.

In my experience it’s quite easy to get all the troops (including the Legendary) from new kingdoms with 400-500 keys, except the storyline Epic and the special event Epic. The question is: why would we? We don’t need the troops anymore to level the kingdom, so maybe it’s better to just go with the new patch and see what comes from keys.
I’m not sure what to do. :smile:

Do higher level players not play this for the story any more? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Mostly not. We do play the storylines eventually, if only to get the Epic troop, but it’s not a high priority task. Speaking for myself of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pity. The story is one of the things I love about this game. Filler aside, I feel like its written with love for its readers.


Well, I enjoy them too, and I DO play them, but not first thing when a new kingdom appears.

I’m the kind of player who plays for resources and rewards, never really get into lore. Maybe if all the stories were connected, that would be awesome. If I fail to get the epic with my keys then sure, you will see me there!

Same here.
It also has one of the best protagonists. I just love the player character’s attitude.

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If the lore didn’t feel like a grind… maybe I’m just mentally merging it with challenges, maybe not.

And the completionist in me is going to open keys until I have at least one of everything, although I assume one of those epics is next week’s event.

I think that if will be the anoiented one (I probably said the name wrong). It looks like a nice unit. I like the new troops synergy. All except the common one who I really don’t understand.

Well, if you guys had played the story, you wouldn’t need to guess, since you’d know who the kingdom epic is :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m missing the Anointed One and the Legendary.

50 iron keys: Keeper of souls + 5 random epics
162 magic keys: Gloom Leaf, Venoxia, Goblin King, Webspinner, Orion + about 10 random epics.

100 Iron Keys got me a couple Watchers, I think I might wait until the keys can be opened more rapidly…

Also, I just tried to level Thrall and 10->11 generated this error:

Only way out was to close Gems. Thought I ought to mention.

I got errors when leveling up Watcher. But restarting the game fixed it.

I wonder if Darkstone will be the first Event Chest when 1.08 goes live. It would make sense :wink:

This is pretty great! I knew this was coming, but I didn’t expect it so soon. Thanks for this! :slight_smile:
I liked the quests and the new troops are pretty cool overall. The Anointed One in particular is a great Epic!

I’m getting a lot of errors when attempting to open keys. On an iPad so can’t easily attach a pic.