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New kingdom collect weapon bug

Collect a weapon from Sin of Maraj.

After finally level up to get Blade of Guilt, another bug, it still shows
Collect a weapon from Sin of Maraj. 0/1

Please fix.

I had the same problem and to fix it I just upgraded the weapon. The first upgrade on it fixed the issue

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Thank you!

I’m having the same issue and the “fix” is to throw a legendary ingot at it? I would rather use my legendary ingots for weapons that aren’t hot garbage. Thanks devs.


I was somehow read this weapon deal true damage. But I went out just normal damage…So it cannot one shot Ubastat. Disappointed confirmed…

same bug here
is it gona be fixed soon?

There is another weapon from this kingdom - Tome of Sin. How can I get it?

It should be available to buy in the shop for glory in the upcoming event. (Monday ->)


We are looking into this