New kingdom collect weapon bug


Collect a weapon from Sin of Maraj.

After finally level up to get Blade of Guilt, another bug, it still shows
Collect a weapon from Sin of Maraj. 0/1

Please fix.


I had the same problem and to fix it I just upgraded the weapon. The first upgrade on it fixed the issue

Can't get new weapon Blade of Guilt

Thank you!


I’m having the same issue and the “fix” is to throw a legendary ingot at it? I would rather use my legendary ingots for weapons that aren’t hot garbage. Thanks devs.


I was somehow read this weapon deal true damage. But I went out just normal damage…So it cannot one shot Ubastat. Disappointed confirmed…


same bug here
is it gona be fixed soon?


There is another weapon from this kingdom - Tome of Sin. How can I get it?


It should be available to buy in the shop for glory in the upcoming event. (Monday ->)


We are looking into this