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Can't get new weapon Blade of Guilt

Blade of Guilt require 40 on Fire and Earth. My Fire and Earth is 186 for each. But can’t get this weapon. I have unlock and upgrade kingdom to level 10.

Do I need level up than get the weapon?

Is it a bug or how can I get the weapon?


After you level up it’ll be added into your inventory.

Wow that would be painful for player lv1000+ and even pain in ass for player lv 2000+.

For that case. It should be trait as a bug.


I agree that it’s painfull… I had to do nearly 200 battles to unlock my weapon. (Level 1200+). I’ve posted a suggestion for Sirrian on the kingdom’s official thread to make some sort of button/trigger that we players can activate to get the weapons. Hope they consider it as soon as possible.


Yea, let’s ask Dev to fix it.

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Just in case you aren’t past level 1000 yet, it’s the base mastery that counts, no matter how much it has been boosted by other bonuses. If your level up screen shows less than 40 in Fire and Earth you don’t qualify yet.

Thanks for reminding, currently lvl 1100+

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Confirmed, if you have pass the Masteries requirements, you need to level up then it trigger the check and you get the weapon.

That’s not friendly for end game users I am afraid.

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I have the weapon but it is not recognised in the kingdom power task,meaning i am stuck at power level 2

I was told to upgrade weapon, first level, could fix your issue

Cheers folks for the help(that fixed it)…:+1:

It took all damn day to get from 1534 to 1535.


Happy Forum Cakeday! :tada: