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Blade of Guilt Mastery Cost is out of place

So… Blade of Guilt. I noticed it takes 40 of each of the respective masteries to unlock. When the ingot upgrade hit, many of the other weapons were spread out over earlier mastery level to smooth out the rate at which heroes obtained weapons, with the hero being able to obtain some “legendary” weapons early on and getting a steady trickle of them. This change was unannounced to my knowledge and may people didn’t even notice it, but it drastically improved early game experience. No other weapon needs even close to 40/40 anymore, with one of the hardest weapons to unlock from mastery otherwise being being Imperial Jewel at 29/all or a few that require 30 in 2, such as Cauldron. I just did a run through early game and this worked wonderfully at delivering these weapons toward players when they can actually be useful (ie., single damage drop the turn weapons being able to actually have an impact on the fight). The requirements set to unlock Blade of Guilt seem like the numbers were just set to the previous system where nearly every weapon had a 40/40 mastery requirement and you’d just get a deluge of them all at once between about the time you hit Hero level 235 and 245, often at a stage after a player has finished leveling all kingdoms and having 90% of them be instantly useless. So is the 40/40 requirement intentional, or simply an oversight from years of designing for a system that was recently(ish) revamped?

Most everyone here is likely past this point, so it isn’t going to matter much for us (pretty annoying to have to level before getting it when you far enough above 1000, but thats another issue). I’d really like to see this thing dropped to 30 red/30 brown mastery or lower (I’m sure there is a gap to fill in somewhere).


I think it should be lower too; mostly because it’s an early/mid game anti-divine and by the time players unlock it, most will be past the point where it’s one of your better options for divines