Confusion over Phylactery gem mastery

hi. We’ve run into a question in my guild about the weapon Phylactery. We were asked at what level do players receive the weapon, and while looking into it (no one actually remembers when they got it) we found 2 GoW sites that have information, the GoW Wiki and the GoW Weapons Database. Trouble is, either they have different info or we’re not reading them correctly. Wiki says you get it at 40 blue mastery and the database says it shows up at 19 blue/purple. I seem to remember the second, others swear it was the first. Can anyone clear this up for us?

My guess would have been 40/40 both blue and purple mastery, though I usually trust GoW DB rather implicitly.

Y’know what, though? The weapon sucks, I wouldn’t worry about it much. Does anyone need it for something in particular? I’m going to assume there’s better options - especially if its for souls.

It used to be 40/40, there was a was a rework for mastery based weapons a long while back that likely changed it to 19/19. The Wiki tends to be horribly outdated, I’d trust the database much more.

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Gowdb bases all of its information on the game’s data files. If it is incorrect, the game has a bug.

The wiki is only updated by maybe 1 or 2 people who sometimes care to do so. It can be wrong because most of this community prefers to hide information rather than spread it.

I’d be a lot happier with an honor system based on “accurate wiki maintenance” than “convincing guildmates to help you out”.

That makes sense, the 19/19. I remember when basically all legendary weapons were 40/40 something and they just all unlocked at once when you got there … and every subsequently-added weapon was unlocked after the first level up one got.

Seeing as I’m almost level 1300 now, I can see why I would have missed that.

Oh it doesn’t suck for soul farming team. Try Sunbird, Firebomb, Phylactery, Pharos Ra. 156 souls per explore within 30 secs to 1 min

The thing is, Phylactery could be replaced by basically anything in that team. My preference would be Valkyrie. Or something with Necromancy maybe.

If you’ve gotta have the hero ('cause leveling) then perhaps the Soul Blade? Team doesn’t have yellow in it. Ergh, problem is that the database says that unlocks at 28/28 yellow/blue, not helpful if one is struggling to get 19/19 still.

Phylactery has extra turn which contributes to the soul output per minute. I can cast it then Sunbird and boom! Job done. I am after a deck that levels hero, farms soul, and farm arcane traitstones. That deck ticks all the boxes for me.


Hmm, so it does.

thanks to everyone who replied! I’d love to believe the database, I use it all the time. But I have a guild member who has gem mastery of 20 each blue/ppl and he doesn’t have Phylactery. So something’s wrong inside the game (not inconceivable) or it really is 40. I’d love to post this to a dev, but hate to take up their time over something so minor given what they’re dealing w. at the moment. Anyway, we’re grateful for the help.

and the weapon is definitely useful, it’s the fastest way for a lower level player to gain souls once they have some troops w. the Necromancy trait.

Has your guildmate restarted the game recently? The game data definitely says it’s 19. Sometimes things that should happen don’t happen until you restart the game.

If, after a restart, they don’t have it, they should file a support ticket.

to those who suggested the 19 blue/purple, the GoW Weapon database is vindicated. Sort of. My guild member just picked Phylactery up after reaching gem mastery 21/21, plus finishing all kingdom quests. Guess the quests had something to do w. it?

we did wonder about a restart, but after trying that he still had the same problem.

one of my soul teams was phylactery and…3x ra xD

Maybe you have to have done the quests for the associated kingdom?

That sort of makes sense. Not like it’s documented anywhere, but a lot of other stuff tends to get predicated on that.

two possibilities. The member who had the issue has just come back to the game after being away for over a year. There may have been something there. Or yes, kingdoms have to be finished, because when he started, his relevant masteries were 20/20. Then he started working like mad, finished all the kingdoms in a day, and got a ton of weapons, including the Phylactery. So I’m betting on the kingdoms being important.

Is that guild member a fairly low level player? Only the base gem mastery you get when leveling up counts for unlocking weapons, other bonuses (e.g. pets, class, kingdoms, guild statues) don’t contribute.

yes, we checked that. He took a SS of all of the mastery levels that you currently have, the one you see after your hero levels up. Definitely 20/20. So unfortunately that’s out.

One other thing to note, the game only checks for missed out weapons on level up. So if your guild member was below the old requirements prior to taking a break, above the new requirements on returning from the break, the missing weapons get handed out on gaining a level.