Hello all raiders of the lost gems!

I am new to the forum, but not new to the game (PS4).

I play GoW for round about a year or so.

Forgive me, if i ask questions that maybe were discussed anywhere here before.

First of all: GoW is a good game.

My first questions today:
I got my last new weapon/unit slots around lvl 300. Now i am above lvl 900 and i haven’t got anything
since. Is that normal ?

And what is this magic mastering (you choose a gem color after every lvl up) ?
I mean if i have a unit and read the description it says for example doing 15 damage to the first
opposite unit if i use the magic. But it doesn’t get higher, so what is the magic mastering for ?

Thanks for some answers !

Hi and welcome to the forums!

Q1: yes that is completely normal.

Q2: what you are referring to is mana masteries. The higher the mastery of a color gives a better chance to get a mana surge when matching gems of said color. Has no effect on spell strength.

Feel free to ask any other questions! There are many knowledgeable ppl here willing to help!


thanks for the reply. i hope there is at least a reward when reaching lvl 1000 …

Do you know why there are different versions of the game for console/pc ?

I mean, it’s no high end graphic game and the logic should be the same on all platforms ?

On console there should come a new kingdom, dungeons (???) and crafting (???).
But that was announced by my guildmaster 2 weeks ago or longer …

And will the endless cascades of the ai in GW be fixed any time ?

There is but im only lv 850 so im mot sure what it is…

Its a sony/Microsoft thing i believe. They are mean about sharing

Yes. Yes. And yes. When? Soon™

Yes. Again soon™

The bad guy™

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Why this? :thinking:

100 glory and 1 event key for each level after 1000. It’s pretty sweet.


thanks for the answers !

good night.