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Need accurate weapon info

Has anyone got an accurate Weapon list Like what mastery’s are needed to obtain them for the console version

Should be the same as PC


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Lyya (that database’s creator) has kindly provided for console as well!

There’s a screen icon in the upper right hand corner of the page Strat linked, click it to choose PC or Console stats.

That site has mis-leading info even if the weapon list is acurate

If you have an example of that I’m sure @Lyya would like to know the specifics.

I just checked and she doesn’t have them listed for Broken Spire. She has the correct kingdoms.

Hi there. I checked I don’t see those troops listed as Broken Spire troops anywhere on the site. Can you provide a link to the page you feel contains inaccurate information please?

yeah i just looked over the tables again

Note that you’ll want to go into the Column Chooser and turn on the hidden-by-default “Requirements” column if you’re looking for an ordered list of weapons by mastery requirement.

Busted. Yeah I knew that was there but I didnt want my breakfast sandwich and coffee getting cold… So I typed it up quick :grinning:

All colors at 50 mastery gets you everything you can get.