BUG?LV1000 cann't get New weapon!DustAndSand , BurningScythe

Thank you for the 1.0.9
There is a lot of fun!


so I want to know~

I’m level 1000,I cann’t get New weapon!
THE: DustAndSand , BurningScythe
my friends has got them,when color Mastery requirement 40

Please fix it!

Traditionally the devs will manually add new weapons to the level 1000s. I guess they’re just too busy with the new patch out.

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Thank you~!

We will be given Dust and Sand + Burning Scythe to level 1000 players in the next 24hrs.

All level 1000 players should find they have Dust and Sand + Burning Scythe next time you login.

If you can’t see them please post here for us to investigate it for you.

THANKS ~ Got them!

I still have not got these :slightly_frowning_face:

Try exiting out and back into the game. I just made sure you should have them now.

Thanks - have got them both now :grinning:

Late to the party, but I don’t seem to have them yet.

Please contact support to get them.

I feel super sorry for all the level 1000s that get the weapon bugs.

We do our best to try and give the weapons out when possible but occasionally there may be a few that get missed, as we have to add them manually at the moment.

How about…
Keep the cap at 1000, but let the XP continue running anyway?
You still go through the entire Level up process of picking a Mana Skill, but the numerical Level is hard-capped at 1000. This way you can still trigger the weapon allocating procedure, and give the Level 1000 players meaning in life again :wink: