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How can I get the weapon Lion and Tiger?

I’m at level 1001 now. My ID is: zqxinran.
Is this a kingdom featured weapon? If so, does that mean I should call the DEV to add this weapon into my weapon inventory?
@Sirrian @Nimhain


We will be looking to give lv 1000+ players this weapon this week hopefully.

Like they stated before:

  • Players get the new weapon bei leveling up once
    OR (in your case since max level)
  • they will give them out automatically and manually to the 1001 level players.

Maybe they have more inportant things to do on a monday (drinking coffee for example) than instantly manually going through the gamefiles for a few players ^^
I would chill a few hours, reload the client and then be happy :slight_smile:

Thanks for info!
Please let us know when you’ve given this weapon to all lv 1000+ players. :slight_smile:

These devs are faster then 4 Dust Devils at the buffet!

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Actually there are more than 100, level 1000+ players at the moment.

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What?! Skulls&Bones is letting anyone in these days!

I’m glad that you brought this up @zqxinran. I looked and I don’t have the weapon either. I probably wouldn’t have paid any attention otherwise.

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I thought it would be way more than 100. On the other hand, ever since I hit lvl 1000, pvp appears to be matching me with less ppl lvl 1000 than before.

I’m around level 730 now. Can I expect this weapon in the future when I reach level 1,001?

As far as I understood it… everyone below lvl 1000 will get the weapon with the next level up (if the masteries are as high as they need to be). Level 1000s will get the weapons handed to them via ingame mail, cause they cant level up anymore.

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Thanks for clarifying for me. I hadn’t seen anything on the weapon before.

i’ve level and haven’t got mine

I didnt get the new weapon yet either… have they already been sent to lvl 1000s? @Nimhain Just asking cause ppl keep posting bug reports, so they apparently got the new weapon already.

@JasonAshcroft, several of us have yet to get it. Hopefully it’s soon.

Me either

Thanks for the info. If anything, they should send the weapon to lvl 1000s a day before it becomes available for everyone, not a week after.

Just checked and I have mine now

I checked and got mine. No idea when or how I received it

I got my weapon just now.
Maybe the DEVs add them into our accounts one by one. :stuck_out_tongue: