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New Kingdom - Sin of Maraj

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/new-kingdom-sin-of-maraj/

New Kingdom: Sin of Maraj

Join Luther, as you explore the mysterious ruins in the Sin of Maraj!

We have a new Kingdom to explore, as well as lots of new troops, which include the fiery daemon Wrath, and the sultry temptress, Lust!

Keep an eye out for new traits that can explode gems on the Board!

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Cool, something new to do.

Edit: Game freezes when clicking on the Kingdom tab. (Xbox One). Can’t level up the kingdom. Great start!
Edit 2: 1st Quest is unplayable with a very unusual display screen. Game Code, Boaty McBoatFace, Boary McBoarFace and other stuff.

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Yay new stuff.

Edit: and Cakeday for me. Very cool.


Lol, my game already froze. Went to go open the kingdom

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Kingdom doesn’t work…can’t level it :frowning:

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Heads up, we are aware of the issue and are looking into it now. We are investigating now.


Also freezes on troop menu.

Can’t start the quests. :frowning:

Does the dev team ever consider changing event rollovers so they don’t happen at the end of the Aussie workday? Surely someone isn’t thrilled by the amount of overtime you all must log on days like this.

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As usual, it’s best to wait for the “beta testers” to do their job in the first hour, and then go online.


Yes, we have considered this, at the moment the team has been too busy for such a massive change, or to reconsider a better time.

To avoid any issues with the game freezing when selecting the Troops Filter or anything else, please avoid unlocking Sin of Maraj. The team is looking into this issue ASAP.


The time of changeover is when we experience the least traffic, which is why we chose the time.


NICE, this day 2 years ago found the game and love it :smiley:


Game freezes when entering SinOfMaraj kingdom power menu.image

Same issue as I mentioned above - we’re looking into it :slight_smile:

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As I mentioned earlier, we are aware of this issue and investigating now.

If you haven’t unlocked the kingdom yet, we recommend you wait to do so. Unlocking the new kingdom is causing the troops menu to freeze.


Jinx? Who is under a roof?


Rest of game still functions, and can confirm new kingdom troops are in chests:image


Can’t wait to unlock this kingdom when I get home. Waiting for the go-ahead from Salty and Cyrup!
I’m excited!:grin:

Not just the troops menu, the Hero tab seems to be broken too.