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3 years since the last kingdom added

As some of you may remember, on August 24th '18 the kingdom of Sin of Maraj was added (see New Kingdom - Sin of Maraj ). All quiet on the surface of Krystara. Just new factions appear down in the Underworld.


Happy birthday, Sin of Maraj!

With only 3? underworld kingdoms to go and very little scheduled content left, maybe now would be a good time for the developers to share their plans for the future of GoW.

A new scoring formula every week is probably not enough content to keep the current playerbase going for long.


Hope I’m wrong, but my US dollar says it’s a little thing called PQ3.

Things have been way to easy to obtain, either by using real $$$$ or gnome-a-palooza dropping VKs like candy from a piñata, over the past few months. I think the devs are doing the best they can to “satisfy” the completionists by giving them the resources to get most everything before the game is announced as ‘end-of-life’. Also, in my mind, monetization releases indicate a “get it while you can” philosophy.

At least this is my opinion. Wouldn’t surprise me if I’m wrong; wouldn’t be the 1st time & definitely won’t be the last time.


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It’s possible, but: GoW has had record year after record year, including last quarter (+75% revenue compared to first quarter of 2020). GoW made 4.5 times the revenue of all other Digital Bros F2P properties combined.

They’ve also signed a license agreement for the Chinese market for 2.2 million USD in 1Q21. Chinese players rejoice! You might get human translations after all (or maybe not)!

I’d be surprised if they dumped their bread winner game any time soon - but who knows :man_shrugging: .


All true.

I just don’t think there will be any big expansions like the Underworld was. We may get a new kingdom/class/faction, here and there. But something substantial is ‘iffy’. Heck, even all talk for the overworld once thought of, has dried up.

As for the revenue, look at from this POV. They made all the revenue gains without adding anything substantial to the gameplay mechanism (unless you want to count WE as substantial). :wink:

Time will tell. Whatever happens, I’m still in until something else catches my fancy! It definitely wasn’t the previously mentioned PQ3; been there, done that, over it.