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New job - GoW player?

Just look at this:

Playing GoW is probably their new job. I would love to be in top 100 also but i have no time to play so many matches. Does this mean they are better players than me?

Maybe more points for playing on higher difficulty?
Maybe stealing points from other players?
Any other solution?

Another thing is this:

Now i know their strategy. The only thing i have to do is to get the same cards.
Maybe i should not be able to fight with people that are much higher in rank than me?


Yes, you can see his defenses. No, it won’t help, unless you are willing to put in countless hours to compete.

It’s how the game works, and how it’s always worked. All ranks are based on time commitment, not skill.


I dunno… @dhjl is this a job for you? :stuck_out_tongue:




Double dipping.[quote=“xyzaz, post:1, topic:7576”]
Now i know their strategy. The only thing i have to do is to get the same cards.

This might not be true. That is his defence team.[quote=“xyzaz, post:1, topic:7576”]
Maybe i should not be able to fight with people that are much higher in rank than me?

Or maybe you should however fighting the top through profile does not give rewards :wink:

Yes, even if we put both of you on the same cap of skill the competition keeps going and the one who is able/willing to play more will surpass the other. It’s his own merit to be able/willing to be this much commited to the game.

Even with a limit of how many attacks someone can do each week, let’s say 500 since that’s what he almost accomplished in the picture, all the rest would be decided for how many invasions he lost during the 500 attacks and the number of defensive losses. And yet others would point out things like:

  • He was lucky because he was less attacked than me. (Sore loser, blasphemer, the RNG god will smite you.)
  • He only won so many defenses because he played the game more and has better troops than me. (Envious sore loser.)

@dhjl I must congratulate you, at a point where people must create topics to discuss if you are entitled to reap the benefits of how you choose to spend your time means that you are becoming very important at people’s life.


OK, you are right.

So do it like they do in sports.

Imagine we have over 10.000 players.
Now these players need to play hundreds of matches. And servers need to work hard.

Better do it in this way:

10.000 players = 5.000 pairs
5.000 winners = 2.500 pairs
1.250 winners = 625 pairs
312 winners = 156 pairs
78 winners = 39 pairs
19 winners = 9 pairs
4 winners = 2 pairs
2 winners = 1 pair
1 winner

Only 8 rounds and less than 8500 matches on server to select best players!

The problem is that you’d have to have synchronous PvP for it to be a test of skill. It will always be something else otherwise.

And @dhjl has been level 1000 for some time. Clearly he got there by playing a lot. Now we just get a glimpse into exactly how much. :grin:

I also bet you he’s enjoying it more than grinding challenges for those Traitstones. And I’m sure his Guild is enjoying all the Gold he’s raking in.


So much this.

I guess we will have to look forward to these threads every day now. Someone complaining about the latest person at the top of the leaderboard. What did people expect would happen with a leaderboard? This isn’t competitive sports where the competition is purely based on one person’s talent/skill against their opponent’s. GoW has always been about time commitment. Put in the time, you reap bigger and bigger rewards.


Absolutely. It’s just how the game is set up. It’s free-to-play, they make money on players only so long as they’re in front of the game, so naturally they design systems that reward long play.


@dhjl Damn, He’s Just Lucky :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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In my opinion people can spend their time on whatever they want. As long as I don’t feel forced to do the same I’m fully okay with that.

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@dhjl has always put this kind of time into the game. He wants to be number one and is willing to do what it takes to get there. As a member of his guild, I am proud of him. As a random player, I am envious. Go get 'em, dhjl!


This was once my standing on the leaderboard… Those were good times…

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The devs are cheats confirmed! I am kidding please do not hurt me with your pitchforks and fire.

I think one of the things we’re seeing with the leader board is: a lot of people who felt that they were pretty good players and put in a lot of time are now having to face the reality of “There’s always a bigger fish” and if they thought they had a good chance at the leader board they are being forced to realise that this might not be the case. This isn’t directed at any one person though, just a comment on some of the sentiments we’re since 2.0.


You said it better than me, reading my post again i have the feeling that i was a jerk to @xyzaz, but in all honesty i think i couldn’t help myself in this case. Because from my perspective any player has the right to spend their time as they want, and it sounds wrong to me that someone could say otherwise because they can’t/wouldn’t do the same. I understand that everyone has a routine, and playing as much as we want may not be possible, but we should be fair and try to not belittle, even indirectly, the effort/passion of others for this game. So i want to apologize to you @xyzaz, to not leave any “bad blood” between us because i’m sure we can find more good things in commom, as the love for this game for example, than things on wich we will disagree.


This community routinely amazes me with its civility and maturity. Have a dove and an olive branch.


A snack well balanced with some salad. Thanks @Lyya. :yum:

Yeah being upset about the leaderboards is something that I don’t understand. With the system as is, we should have all known it was a time grind. That is why me beef was only ever about Tier. I am now Tier 3 and I don’t doubt I can make Tier 1 before the reset. This is my one and only pvp goal. I think the devs did a great job accommodating the casual players.

@Lyya my sentiments exactly about this forum community. :wink:


My take on all this…not keeping score and telling every kid they are a winner is the real culprit here.