New Hero Class: Sentinel

Hey everyone, just letting you know that you may get a Cliffy Error when you buy from the in-game shop. We are pushing a fix for this now, so please sit tight. Thank you for your patience!

Very good. A more useful class than many others.

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Could you guys maybe put more thought into future classes…this is just a weaker version of titan…like expand more on the talent trees…why do we need 8 classes that all do the same thing

The Mastery bonus is wrong again. It should be +20 Mastery to Green, matching the Green/Brown traitstone. Same thing happened with the previous class at launch. :frowning:

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I’m curious how a bear hero class that triggers so much bearrier can be named Sentinel.
Is it too late to rename it Bearicade?

@KYLENATOR001 approves of this comment without even reading it yet. :+1:


I got the class to level 24

But it’s not showing up here

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Parts of the german translation are missing.

Mastery fixed! And very quickly. Thank you.

May be “weaker” but defo more tanky, some love x the “so fun to fight DE and guardian crown” defs :3

I would rather have it be be called barbearian. At least this class meets all the other koalafications of being a great class as it’s got all the bear necessities.


Those puns are grizzly. I think our senses of humour must be polar opposites.


To each, bear own.


Ur skating on thin ice with that one


This class could have a better trait like dealing half skull damage to the troop below the first one instead of 75% chance of doing nothing paired with a chance of trying to barrier a troop that is already barried…

I’m more partial to “The right to bear arms” but it’s hard to convey the sense that any Urska weapon is bear armament.


So to sum up:

The quest text was missing AGAIN
Mastery color was wrong
No description on the weapon
Cliffy errors galore
Class Level not showing in list

Did I miss anything?


In the real world, people that cannot learn from their mistakes get fired.



I just would like the game to start catching up a little better since the change in kingdom power levels
It’s drifting sands week and the class is needed for another level, but we get a class for urskaya, which we’re not even at the point where it matters
Overall it doesn’t make a difference to gameplay, but it’s just beyond a strange approach after the update
Even if we got 1 kingdom star a week, it’d take like 8 years, and we don’t average that at all


If you mean “Getting 1 star/week will take 8 years to reach the end of the scale for every kingdom”, then this is right but it is not right to imply “…and the devs want us to reach that end.” The maximum stars used to be 10, they expanded that to the current system because they explicitly said they wanted room to get by without revamping it for several years. So this aspect is working as intended, like it or not.