New Troop And Hero Class ideas

We need a King and Queen for the Centaurs. And we need a Wargare Hero Class, a Urska Hero Class too for all gaming systems. :grinning:

The upcoming Kingdom, Vulpacea will finally provide a Hero class for Wargare, and Urskaya already gives us a Hero class for the Urska(Sentinel).


Presumably, of course, but the information we have is very promising in this regard. Ever since I fully traited Persistence I wanted to run the Hero alongside it (just as you already can with Cunning + Sunspear, Finesse + Stormcaller, etc) but was surprised to find the Warden class was Beast typed.

Unrelated, but Sentinel is my favorite class to run, not because of the Urska typing but because of easy access to Barriers and the class weapon pairing super well with Paladin/Rowanne/Ethereal Sentry.