Gems of War 2023 Roadmap


Greetings, Adventurers!

The new year is upon us, so let’s take some time to have a quick recap of 2022, and then take a look at the next 6 months (and more!) ahead in Gems of War!

First, to recap 2022 and to drop a few mysterious hints about some long term plans, a word from the Creative Lead, Steve “Sirrian” Fawkner…

Season’s Greetings to you all!

2022 has been an amazing year for Gems of War, for its community, and for the very talented team at Infinity Plus Two who keep the heart of Krystara beating strong. We’ve extended the play in Dungeons, Explores, and Delves this year, as well as beginning a series of Kingdom Reworks with a new storytelling system. We have started an overhaul of the early game and tutorials, added new Kingdoms, and even added some new events to experience. Our playerbase has also stabilized this year; it’s fantastic to see the number of players returning on a day-to-day basis – we couldn’t do this without the dedication of our players, and we promise to work even better and harder for you in 2023 and beyond to keep Gems of War fresh, exciting, engaging, and with an unexpected surprise every so often (hopefully only good ones though!).

2022 saw our seven millionth player through the game, and player eight million is not far away in 2023! Speaking of the future, we have some exciting plans Nim and Jeto have detailed for you below, but I also wanted to touch on what lays beyond that. We are fully committed to growing and expanding Gems of War for many years to come, and hopefully, some time in 2023 we can start to share some BIG plans we have for future expansions. The teams here at Infinity Plus Two and 505 Games are incredibly excited about this, and we can’t wait to share more with you… For now, all I will say is that it begins with a part of Gems of War that has needed some love for the longest time!

So happy adventuring to you all in 2023. May Gaard protect you, and may Anu bless you blade!

Thanks, Sirrian! Now back to some more immediate plans for you all. Below is a small teaser of some of the updates, releases and reworks we have planned ahead. Like our 2022 Roadmap, it doesn’t go into too much detail for now, but there are more details to come!

Here is some teaser art for the new Vulpacea Kingdom, releasing in March. Vulpacea… I wonder what lives there? What does the word ‘Vulpex’ mean in Latin again?

Vulpacea Kingdom Art

We are looking forward to another content packed year and we are hitting the ground running with the Zhul’Kari Kingdom events starting today! With more Kingdom reworks to come, the release of a Kingdom and more Holiday events, 2023 is starting strong.

Once again, happy holidays and welcome to a new year!


I am just amazed by the url: trashed. I wonder what that implies :grin:



The kingdom is foxes

And fox in Latin is Vulpine or vulpes

And trashed probs means.
To many peeps have cried to much
So there plans for us have been trashed.
And we’re getting nothing good lol

And vulpex is soap
It’s not Latin for anything.
I do love the Devs how real clever they are.
No beta testing
Keep making same mistakes over and over.

Infact the only time iv seen them do something quick, was fixing the new dungeon , when we all found a way of doing it.

Il still play the game.
Il still give you money only for campaign new mythic without waiting.

But God are you possibly the worst Devs on any game


The Holiday Events so far are Halloween, Christmas, (Chinese) New Year, and Easter/Spring. I hope to see Holiday Events that are not as popular among European-centric cultures. The 7-8 million GoW players are not all descended from European Christian stock, nor do such traditions represent the majority of the global population.

The dev have done a marvelous job incorporating legendary and mythical characters from many lesser-known cultures. I would like to see some recognition of their holidays, too.


Here’s a recap for you: It was a dumpster fire.

The only impressive thing is how you keep finding new ways to break the game and screw over your players


I’m honestly excited and can’t wait to see what the year brings, thank you!



Well as you can read.

The kingdom is Vulpex

Latin for nothing

It’s a soap brand.

So 2023 roadmap is Soap.

Soap that is funny, so fresh, so clean :laughing:


I actually think
The Devs on this game are teenagers.
Because if I was in a pub and someone said hey Latin for foxes is Vulpex.
Without them checking Google 1st.
We would rip hell out of them all night.

Yet these Devs, continually do thing and write things without checking.

So they must be teenagers, that only use apps.
And don’t double check anything.

I’m going with that.

Let’s Vulpex (soap) them out :rofl:

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This is the state of 2022 Gems of War. Nice fluffy words, but can’t keep mistakes away to save its own life.

They’ve left the jpegs off from the forum post. also the whole trashed thing isn’t great…


Is Vulpex supposed to mean 9 tailed fox?

Use Google
Vulpex means soap brand

Nothing else.
Nothing Latin

So many kingdom passes. :smiling_face_with_tear:

“Vulpex” is possibly a typo? Should have been Vulpes?

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Ofcourse it’s a typo

As believing a word is something it’s not.
Without checking is pretty dumb.

My point was it’s just another mistake in the long list of mistakes in 2022.

Can’t wait till tomorrow.
We’re only getting 9 battlecrashers :rofl::rofl:

Could have just excused a typo rather than making 4 posts about it? :wink:



I need to make numerous posts mate.

It makes me one off you.

Weaver gate
Krinkle gate
Elementalist gate.
Dungeon gate

I’m sure iv missed other mistakes by the teenage Devs.

I didn’t post for them,. I thought I would now to join the group. :rofl::rofl:

And iv played the game less than 500 days

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Talented devs. LOL I have not ever seen a game with some many bugs that can easily be avoided with testing. Then making terrible decisions with new features. See dungeons, dragonite. Most of what they did was put in TIME gates and made players mad.

Orbs of Igots are worthless to any player who is a dedicated player. Please add and exchange to get dragonite with them and same for treasure maps. Let us get dragonite with them.

RNG on dragon eggs was a terrible design.

I almost forgot the Paid Passes (multiple), Paid Pets, etc.

Ban for you, Ban your you, Ban for you. No compensation. Cannot say what caused it even though they say it is fixed. That is odd.


Looking forward to what 2023 has in store!


The kingdom of soap