(Misinterpretation – apologies – not coming anytime soon, it seems...) Treasure Hunt Rework: hopes, fears and expectations

The much-anticipated Treasure Hunt Rework will soon be upon us. Misinterpretation! The 5.8 revisited the opening tutorial. Apologies. Let’s hope a TH rework comes next…

I can honestly say that if done well, it could draw me somewhat back to the game. Treasure Hunt could pretty much have it’s own app, perhaps if expanded upon a little.

I’m a bit doubtful, though. My fear, perhaps even expectation, is that the monetisation strategy and lackluster rewards that accompany whatever update happens will make the reward loop insufficiently appealing – for example, like the Arena Rework. I’m also a bit worried about energy gating (a limited number of tries over a period of time).

We know some of the things players have asked for over the years – updated rewards like Writs, Deeds, Vault Keys, Forge Scrolls, a way to use accumulated maps.

What are your hopes, fears and expectations for the rework? What would make it a success for you, or what would make it a flop or uninteresting?

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I’m afraid they’re going to screw things up by making it worse. If they’ve collected the positive feedback and did something around that and actually made it worth playing, I’ll shut up. Did they give a clue on how’s going to be? All this talk about it, I can’t remember reading anything on how’s it going to be.


As a game mode, treasure hunt is too slow for my taste. While an arena run as a whole takes longer of course, you can take breaks inbetween.
A 100+ turns treasure hunt though keeps you locked in a long time, and is much more monotonous.

I’m not sure, how to really fix this, except for another reduction of turn number (as far as I remember, it had been scaled down once before), while adjusting the rewards even more, but then there are those tasks and achievements for certain waypoints, that would become much harder to reach…

I think, my main problem about treasure hunt is not, that the rewards are weak (I play for fun, not rewards), but that, exept for the different matching pattern (one matched item remains, making it a different experience from regular gameplay), it is just extremely boring.

Maybe if they bring in a few more special gems from the main game, like wildcards and stone blocks, it would become a bit more interesting…?

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They didn’t ever say that the update will be a Treasure Hunt rework, that’s just a popular community interpretation. I wouldn’t be surprised if Treasures & Temptations is about the Adventure Board and Daily Offers.


Oh, Ok, then I hope this one doesn’t screw the game up and make things worse, but only adds to the game and increases my addiction. :sweat_smile:

According to taransworld spoilers from language, its have merchant, angel and devil deals, and buffs and debuffs, some suggest that its similar to PQ3, but I didn’t play it, I tried a bit but its look very monetize than the previous version so I didn’t dig any deeper

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Worst case: No lessons learned from previous reworks: 2-3 minor gameplay changes with exclusive reward lottery bolted on.

Net result: More burnout and resentment, more people quitting because they don’t want to feel forced to play yet another game mode they don’t like for a microscopic chance for a drop-in-the-ocean reward that can’t be obtained any other way.

CX’s reaction - same cynicism as always: “You guys asked for a rework of X and more of rare resource Y, we gave you both. Now, if you’ll excuse me, Australian weekend is about to begin. See you all next month.”

Dodged-a-bullet case: TH remains entirely optional, people won’t burn themselves out on it (unlike arena “rework”). TH isn’t made more tedious and random (unlike dungeon rework). The “rework” is still substantial enough to drop the quotes around “rework”.

Best case: TH rework cancelled, resources re-assigned to more pressing issues.


Yup, this I think is the main fear I have. At first I thought it surely meant a Treasure Hunt rework due to Sirrian’s language and the omnipresent clamor for something to be done with them, but as time goes on and we’ve seen the Taran’s data come through, I’m less sure about that. The community has already speculated on and built expectations onto something that may not be even happening, which will cause disappointment if those expectations aren’t fulfilled by it being about Adventure Board or something totally different.

I’m taking a step back and not pinning my hopes that it’s going to be a Treasure Hunt change. Also, I’m one of the few people that probably plays Treasure Hunt for fun still on the daily just as a change of pace, not to get any specific awards. I started playing GoW coming from other traditional match games and it still scratches that itch when I want to turn off the team-building and goals part of the game. I’d like to see it get some love as that was my gateway into the rest of the game, but I’m going to reserve judgement and not expect it for the update.


I wonder, if they should include something similar to the minigame for item forging in the first Puzzle Quest.
Though frustrating at times, it was kind of fun.

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I don’t think folks will understand how funny this is, (leaves you upset) so funny tho’. :joy:


if we had awards for comment of the year this would be a solid candidate to win.


Hey, don’t diss the Arena rework … too much. Admittedly it did not expand the types of material rewards you got, but reducing the overall win count from 8 to 6 made it much more approachable, and removing the Hero from the team lineup meant no more Dawnbringer spam in a mode that couldn’t support it.

I posted a few ideas along the lines of improving its utility as a Treasure Map “sink” while also yielding increased rewards-per-player-time, and it got a reply from one of the CX members so there’s token hope for something like that:

  • “Epic Battle” / event sigil style multiplier for rewards paid out
  • Ability to “continue” a run, aka. buy more moves after running out (would make Treasure Hunt campaign tasks easier)
  • Core gameplay improvement: add ability to cast some kind of unique spells (costing Maps per cast)

To me, that sounds horrible…

Edit: I mean all of those options cost something, when TH used to be almost ftp. So sounds like another update for the game, not for players. All I want is better rewards for making a good score, not just being able to make a good score by paying for it.

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Okay, but what kind of players are you thinking of with that?

For example, I actually enjoy a few (2-3) rounds of Treasure Hunt as a way to cool off at the end of a play session, but even then I still tend to accumulate maps faster than I spend them. To say nothing of players who accumulate maps on account of generally not liking the mode to begin with.

Now, a frequent suggestion is to add more/new types of rewards to the Treasure Hunt payouts – I am neutral on that idea. It doesn’t impact why I play the mode myself, but I wouldn’t (necessarily) argue against it either.

It’s pretty damn funny :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (sorry devs)

That’s fair!

I agree – or at least relying on the Hero was less fun, even if more easily guaranteeing rewards if you needed them as a newer player (Runic Blade was more relevant, there; Dawnbringer for later game players who usually played it for guild trophies).

I specifically meant the reward scheme. I was part of the beta test for the Arena Rework. There wasn’t a lot of scope to change anything or have meaningful input, but I think we initiated reversing the picking order (Epic > Common) and adding the reroll before it was released (it still took a while after release to be added, though).

I still think fewer required wins could be more fun – pick a team, prove it works a few times, pick a new one. The limited-scope team building is at least half the fun, while making do with what you have in a more even match-off is maybe the rest. Perhaps different modes would have been good (“Fast” vs “Campaign”, maybe including the option to choose team buffs/debuffs).

But enough about Arena :crazy_face:

Combined with updated rewards, I think these are both good potential suggestions, particularly from the perspective of offering the devs something in return, and I’m pretty sure I liked the post when you made it in one thread: My take on a complete Treasure Hunt revamp - #9 by Stratelier

I think @terberos is just giving feedback from a player-focused perspective, and that’s perfectly valid and useful, too.

I like to relax to Treasure Hunt on occasion as well, but I tend to play more for the 20 seals than for the “treasure.” :wink:

I completely agree with you. I don’t think we are getting treasure hunt rework, at least not in this update.

I assume it’s about TH rework too, but I was curious about the Temptation part, which everyone seems to overlook.

And put that new wandering merchant mechanic in, everything now make sense. “Treasure” here mean a good buff, and “temptation” is about considering if trying to get it is worth the risk of bad debuff.

This was from December, not sure if it was changed already or not.

The Merchant
Would you like to purchase my wares?
You may purchase one of these offers.

The Genie
Care to try your luck with me?
You will receive one of these rewards.

The Daemon
Dare to bargain with me?
Accepting this offer will give both rewards.

The Angel
Choose a reward for your great deeds.
You may select only one of these rewards.

Gaining stats buff “treasure” like this might be nice,

Stun all Enemies at the start of battle

but you have to control your “temptation” as the debuff looks like this…

Convert all Skulls to Block Gems at the start of battle

Inflict a random negative Status Effect to all Allies when matching 4 or more Gems.

Reading the word “Deeds” there makes me scared. You too?

Not really, but your post did make me look up if they change this unclear words. Nothing I see so far.

If it does give writs/deeds/books, it would be so great. But the whole mode seems to be based on lucky encounter, so maybe it’s better this way. Need more concrete way to gain them later.

This mode seems to be only based on buff/debuff traits. I did find more about how it work though.

  • If you leave the Merchant, you won’t be able to purchase his wares

  • If you leave Genie, you won’t be able to accept her bet.

  • If you leave the Daemon, you won’t be able to accept his deal.

  • If you leave the Angel, you won’t be able to accept her gifts.

  • If you leave Wandering Merchants, you won’t be able to accept their offer(s).

So Merchant will give you something but you have to pay, Genie will either give you buff or debuff, Daemon will always give both, and Angel will give free buff for you to choose. And sometimes multiple of them all can appear at once, but you can deny some.

Not much else I can see for buff trait beside this one.

  • Gain bonus [color] Mana from [color] Gem matches.

Can anyone actually link where a Dev ever said they were planning to update TH? I don’t ask this to be pointed or anything. I was away from the game and out of the loop from summer 2020 to spring 2022, and might’ve missed something.

The only thing I’ve ever seen said in response to people wanting a TH update was “we have no plans to,” and that treasure hunt was simply an homage to traditional match 3 games, and not intended as part of the core game.

They’ve said never on many things and went back on it, like they were never adding more kingdom’s after Sin of Maraj, so I’m open to correction here, but this feels like the same old wishful thinking in the face of being told no a million times.

As far as I’m concerned, being able to craft VKs using maps was the TH update.