New forge recipe to convert verses

Can we have a recipe to convert one verse to another? Based on personal exp and posts on the forum, people have imbalanced verses due to the randomness issue in the game. It would be helpful to us if we could spend some resource say 1000 souls converting one verse to another? I currently have too few verse 1 compared to others so we could use the excess verses to convert to the one that we are short on. Thanks for listening. Tagging @Jeto @Kafka


It will never happen! They “know” what verses people need and you will see offers for you to “buy” them.

Just to make sure you don’t feel too “scammed”, check this for the explanation for the seemingly out of hand imbalance of verses (it’s much less than you might think):

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I’d be happy with a recipe that had a conversion rate of 3 to 1 or something

At least as gem offers that’s not true. I wish… But no.

I would say all verses are equal. I would not want to convert 2 verses into 1.

Yeah but look at other recipes - there is zero chance of being given a 1:1 recipe. Personally I would take 2 or even 3 to 1 ratio (1 of each of the others) over the realistic alternative, which is no recipe. Nothing forcing you to use it if you don’t feel it’s a fair exchange

We have treasure maps that are included in making vault keys. How about using treasure maps and other ingredients? Thought of writs, though they are more difficult to come by, people have have been needing them to create the Imperial Deeds and etc.

Remember: any verses you have beyond the verse with the lowest number are useless until you “catch up.” In other words, only 10 of my 32 Verse 2s are usable. I can only create 10 Gnome-a-Paloozas, at which point I’m left with 5/22/0/21. Every one of those verses is useless unless I get 1 Verse 3. But at the same time that I’m getting Verse 3s, I’m getting other ones. And every time I get a non-Verse 3, it’s creating more of an imbalance.

And yet those extra verses still end up being a huge benefit, because you only need to find a single Verse 3 instead of all of them to craft a whole GaP. Which is why trading verses on anything less than a 1:1 ratio is shooting yourself into your own foot. It’s like trading your $3 for $1 and being happy about it because your wallet now weighs less. I’ve actually farmed enough verses over time for the balance to flip (from Verse 4 to Verse 2 being the one I’m short on).

Asking for a recipe to craft verses using some other resources might make sense, asking for a recipe to convert verses is a waste of time, because we won’t be getting that 1:1 ratio.

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That’s true, but presumably I have the same chance of finding any of them as I do of finding that specific one. Great, I only need 1 specific verse, but I can’t get those without running into the others…

The result would be:
Add up my verses. Divide’em by 4.
In that case we would only need the GaP item instead of 4 verses.
This will end up in probably 10 more GaPs atm but only for the next vault weekend. Every following one would be probably +1 or +2 GaPs per player. Thats it.
And the fun of collecting verses would be redundant imo.

The only “1:1” recipe is between Diamonds and Souls (10 Diamonds ← → 100 Souls) and even that still requires Shards to craft the former.

Consider that if you are short on certain Traitstones you can more or less freely exchange Major/Minor (2 Major → 1 Minor, 3 Minor → 1 Major) and you can easily convert Major to Runic (7:1).

So here’s a few ideas:

A - Convert arbitrary verses from one to another (as needed)

  • e.g. you have recipes for converting Verse X into Verse Y. Maybe at a 4:1 ratio?
  • Pro: Simplest, most direct, you can see the conversion value.
  • Con: Soulforge isn’t good at allowing a choice of ingredients. Would likely require 12 recipes total.

B - Add some kind of interaction with Treasure Maps.

  • e.g. You have recipes to convert excess Verses into Treasure Maps, and then recipes to craft specific Verses from Treasure Maps.
  • Pro: Fewer Soulforge recipes (total 8) and adds more utility to Treasure Maps, especially for players who don’t actually like/use the mode.
  • Con: What about players who’ve hoarded a lifetime supply of Maps? They might effectively have a (shorter)-lifetime supply of GAPs then.

C - Different crafting recipe.

  • e.g. You can craft any Verse in exchange for each of the other three Verses, like (Verse 1+3+4 → Verse 2).
  • Pro: Fewest Soulforce recipes (4 total). As the number of GAPs you can craft is dictated by whichever one Verse you have the least of, ALL of the other three are essentially excess, right?
  • Con: Don’t use if you only have 1 of the “other” verse.

Con would be if you have 4/3/1/0 for example exchange doesn’t get you a GaP as you’d then be at 3/2/0/1 (right?)

Thanks! I actually had considered that scenario when composing, but forgot about it somewhere in the pre-send editing.