New forge recipe to convert verses

Can we have a recipe to convert one verse to another? Based on personal exp and posts on the forum, people have imbalanced verses due to the randomness issue in the game. It would be helpful to us if we could spend some resource say 1000 souls converting one verse to another? I currently have too few verse 1 compared to others so we could use the excess verses to convert to the one that we are short on. Thanks for listening. Tagging @Jeto @Kafka

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It will never happen! They “know” what verses people need and you will see offers for you to “buy” them.

Just to make sure you don’t feel too “scammed”, check this for the explanation for the seemingly out of hand imbalance of verses (it’s much less than you might think):

I’d be happy with a recipe that had a conversion rate of 3 to 1 or something

At least as gem offers that’s not true. I wish… But no.

I would say all verses are equal. I would not want to convert 2 verses into 1.

Yeah but look at other recipes - there is zero chance of being given a 1:1 recipe. Personally I would take 2 or even 3 to 1 ratio (1 of each of the others) over the realistic alternative, which is no recipe. Nothing forcing you to use it if you don’t feel it’s a fair exchange