Trading Verses with Guild Mates

A lot of people are unhappy about the imbalance in the number of Verses we all get. Personally I’m drowning in 1’s and 2’s and desperately seeking 3’s and 4’s.
I’ve heard lots of people suggesting we should be able to swap them in some way, shape or form in the Soulforge. I don’t know if those people actually opened Feature Requests tickets here, but here’s my suggestion on the matter…
Four new items in the Soulforge: Love Letter 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Love Letter 1 is created with two Verse 1’s, 1000 Souls and a Celestial Traitstone.
Love Letter 2 is created with two Verse 2’s and I’m sure you already catch my drift and know what I’m gonna suggest for 3’s and 4’s.
Love Letters, much like Guildmate Gifts, can only be sent to Guildmates. You can’t use your own Love Letter on yourself. (You’re immune to your own charm! :smiley: )
When you receive a Love Letter, you can open it and find a Verse 1, 2, 3 or 4 inside, respective to the type of Love Letter you received.
This way people can coordinate with their Guild Mates to try and balance out their Verse stashes. They can give away the oodles of extra Verses they have and get the one’s they’re missing in return. But of course this would invove a certain amout of trust because professing your love to someone doesn’t automatically ensure you’ll get love in return!
Anyway, just a thought. Hope you’ll use it.

PS: The “Other” Category in the Soulforge is getting a little overcrowded. Ever thought of doing a “Paperwork” category where you could put Deeds, Scrolls, Books and the soon-to-be Love Letters? Again, just a thought and hope you’ll use it.


Cool idea but it’s not going to happen. Imbalance in this game is by design.

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With all due respect, there’s a rumor going around the devs are gonna address the imbalance in the Dragon Eggs. I have a guildmate who’s opened 18 eggs and is still missing one color.
If they’re gonna fix that imbalance, maybe they’ll fix this one too.
Plus, why would they create a weekend event fully revolving around having a balanced number of verses (or at the very least NOT having the huge imbalance many of us currently have) only to not care about the imbalance in the number of verses?? Makes no sense.
I’m confident our friends the Devs are gonna fix this for us. Now leave me to my delisions!! :stuck_out_tongue:

The fact that they haven’t yet done anything about the dragons even though limiting them to 4 would already help (or to Cedric for that matter) doesn’t bode well.

But I’d be be happy if they’d proof me wrong for once :wink:

They can if they want to…


What would actually happen is that people would funnel “free” verses from alt accounts to their main account, to an extent you wouldn’t ever believe possible. The only way to make this work is an even trade, where both parties give and receive a verse, plus possibly paying a transaction fee on top.

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Easiest would be to be able to trade for example 2 for 1 with yourself (plus conversion rates).

That would require a lot of recipes, though, or a different way of adding recipes (like selecting outcome and selecting what to put in for that I’m terms of verses).

It would prevent all funneling off of verses from any account to another (not that I think this would be a very viable thing to begin with as verses can’t be simply collected every hour like gold or gems, and are seldom on the adventure board or anywhere else).

You’d be in for a really huge surprise. That free verse that sometimes get handed out by the special login calendar? You can safely bet any amount that some players would find the time to create hundreds of funnel accounts for it.

A proper way to do it would be sending another player some trade mail with one of your verses attached. They either decline (which would send your verse back) or accept by picking one of their verses (which you would get).

This would actually also be a great feature for gem dragons. Unfortunately, this is Gems of War, even if this idea ever reached the devs it would take a least half a decade to implement.


Unfortunately, trading of any kind won’t be a thing in this game. I think that most people who ask for trading are well-intentioned, but in practice, trading of any kind in video games leads to big issues.

Where trading of in-game items exists, an RMT market is guaranteed to be created, and once real money comes into play, so does widespread cheating. As we’ve seem with so many games, this eventually leads to unregulated gambling (ie. GS GO skin gambling sites). RMTs are nearly universally against game and platform ToS. It isn’t a path 505 & IP2 would want to go down, and they’ve expressed this in the past.

As mentioned above, the imbalance is by design. This game has 0 "bad luck potection. I’d argue, with my little tin foil hat on, that the bad luck is intentional and enforced so that we are tempted to pay gems or real money for the ones we are short on.