New Filters in Troop Menu

Filter for Event Troops (Bounty, Raidboss, Invasion)
especially Bounty


Use the word filter and search for the word “bounty”.

The search terms “a tower” and “a boss” work reliably for the other two.

I know, it is not an optimal solution, but the filter menues are getting so crowded and overladen, that they may require a filter option themselves, if more keeps getting added.


Yeah, text search for their defining traits: “Bountyhunter”, “Godslayer”, “Siegebreaker”; and can abbreviate to “bounty”, “gods”, “siegeb”.

It’s annoying that this is a non-obvious trick though. Maybe Bountyhunter, Godslayer, and Siegebreaker – and maybe also Pathfinder for journey troops? – should be roles that can be filtered on using the Troop Role filter.


That is a nice alternative, but Troop Roles are represented by icons on their card and each card can only have one Role. And occasionally a few event-specific troops are actually useful outside their event.

So in the meantime, all we can really do is use the text search and save the filter for future use.

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