New feature: Battle Preview

Rationale: There are many cool troops, but many players tend to find one strong, generic team that can win most battles and then play exclusively with that. It would be fun to try out other troops, but again, most players don’t want to try something new at the expense of a win.

The Feature:
Before a battle, you can preview what troops you will be facing. This will allow you to assemble a team and hero weapon that is optimized for facing those specific troops. For example, Avina is kind of a waste if your opponent has no beasts, and Herdmaster is pretty worthless if none of your opponent’s troops have an attack that can be cleansed.

This should not be free, but perhaps 5 glory to preview? It could cost gold instead, but I like glory because it provides another good function for a currency that many players think has minimal value.

Thanks for the thoughts IronyMan, will pass it along :smiley:

It might also be a good idea that, instead straight up revealing an opponent’s entire team, what if instead it cost to reveal a random member from the team. Like 5 glory to reveal per member.

Or maybe, for free, there’s a hint for a random member of the team and/or what the opponent controls.

For example:
“This player seems partial to the Divinion Fields banner.”
“The opponent runs quite the few beasts in their squad.” For 2+ beasts on their team.

Figured I’d offer my suggestions on the matter. =P

Scouting opponent teams to a common request from players and one we’ve discussed several times.

All I’ll say is keep an eye out in 1.0.7 and you might be pleasantly surprised.

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I do realy apriciate this idea, but glory cost are no option for me. Even with a pvp-rank 1, you could only use for 3 fights.

Nimhain: It did seem surprising to think that I was the first to come up with it. I did a search before posting (a quick one) and could not find any similar topics. I wonder if all the old posts got moved to the new community pages?

Shrpy: I hear you. If it actually cost 5 glory with no adjustments to the way glory is earned, I also would not be doing too many previews. After reaching number one ranking for about a month and a half, I gained perhaps 200 extra glory. When you consider that it takes 21 battles to reach the one ranking (providing you don’t lose), 5 glory per preview doesn’t really allow one to do much.

I chose glory because I think it makes sense intrinsically. And also because glory has few uses. I think being able to use if for a preview would make it a much more desirable resource, and my hope is that the developers would add ways to earn more.

With no changes to the way glory is gained, I think that 2 glory per preview would be much more palatable to most players.