Permanent Scouting Please!

With the new PvP, I have actually been scouting. Could you please make it to where if I scout an opponents troops and then check out another opponent, I can still look at their troops without having to pay another 50 gold?

It’s not gonna break the bank, but I don’t feel I should have to pay twice to compare teams.

Anybody else? Thoughts, opinions?

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VIP 3 gives free scouting… :stuck_out_tongue:

But in all seriousness, this does seem like a sensible idea.

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VIP 3 gives free scouting.


@Ozball I know. And I will probably be attaining VIP 3 soon, but I think this is a common courtesy that should be extended to even the free players. :wink:

Edit: the common courtesy of being able to compare once paid, not free for everyone, for clarification.

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Yeah, and I did agree with you :wink:

So you did… It is late and I forgot by the time I started typing… :sweat_smile:

I think it’s officially bed time for me!

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I agree with the OP.

And I’d also like to add to it: Scouting in PVP costing money as usual is fine, but scouting shouldnt cost money when checking someone’s legend to see his defense team. At least you cant win anything in such a match. Scouting shouldnt even be necessary, just show me his def team right away.

And I still think it would be a good idea to add a ‘scout all’ button at the opponent selection screen, for the corresponding price of 150 gold and show the teams right there.

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I do not agree with the op. do not get me wrong i understand what is being asked however i wish thy would change it so you can scout from the preview screen. Of course that mean that there would be more clutter for ios users and app users but hear me out. You would have less screens to go to t find what you are looking for and it would also make it so you do not have to repay to re scout unless you leave the preview screen. You can see all 3 players teams side by side and can check out all three or their line-ups and troops.

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Well in war scouting and intelligence gathering are critical, so you can technically justify there being some sort of cost.

This is Gems of WAR😀


You carry with you a sharp point in this battle sir and i agree, it should cost money.

@killerman3333 not mince words but it sounds like you do agree with me… You just had a better solution! :wink: save us some loading screens while accomplishing the same goal. Being able to compare teams without repaying! :wink:

Yes i do agree with, i can not say my solution is better or worse but it is something different to solve the problem in another way.

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