Feature request: opponent troop highlighting

Here’s a QoL feature I would love to see: if there were an interface where I could add troops to a list (maybe limit the size of the list, and have it grow with VIP level?), where any troops that appear on the list, and on an opponent’s team in the “Enemy Troops” list of the battle preview would get a colored rim around their box.

I would mostly use this in explore, where for example there are certain troops that will overwrite my storm, or have poison immunity, or devour immunity, or other factors that I can plan for in advance when I notice them, but keeping that list of troops in my head or on paper, and taking the time to compare the troops in the preview to that list is time consuming and error prone.

I would also probably use it in PvP, to highlight Lust when I click on what I expect to be a fire ball team…

We already unlock the free preview at VIP 3, this could be an added feature at VIP 4 or even 5, and I would see it as a huge enticement to buying those tiers. Or, it could be free to all, and what a wonderful gift that would be :slight_smile:

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Dont want to cut your hopes, but seeing as @Saltypatra informed us in the other topics, that DEVs are currently mostly busy with adding new content to the game and that they dont enough have time for features requested by community (like balancing weapon affixes), i suspect you will memorise all those nasty troops quicker than it will be implemented (if at all).

But it’s a nice idea. Like it. Can be very usefull for newer players.