New Faction - Silver Necropolis


Thanks…I will give it a bash and see how it goes :slight_smile:


I’m hoping its unique to each Friday event. It would be mean to see it at every Tuesday faction, though at some point it’ll be weird that some factions won’t have fluff while most new factions would.

No clue, though all of this faction event’s Fluff is definitely tied to this faction.


I am seeing the same thing. The icon mimics the Warrens icon. Also, in the troop menu, the Silver Banner visual mimics the Rat Banner on my device. If someone does not beat me to it, I will open a Bug Report later in the day if it does not resolve itself.


Any solid Teams for Highlevel yet?
My Team works for now, but feels a bit clumsy sometimes.




This faction is literally worse than Dark Pits for level 500 4x Faction.

I mean, it looks like it is on the right track in terms of being an actually competent faction team. It has a Nyx clone for Mana control, along with Bone Golem being a great source of Death Mark that can allow the team to kill troops of arbitrary toughness.

The problem is that all the faction troops are immune to Death Mark, meaning you have to defeat 2 of your 3 battles without Death Mark. And without Death Mark, we have… about 34 AoE damage per cast, or 17 attack per cast? How many times do you expect to be able to buff your troops until they get skulled to death?

My ideal faction rework is to make the faction teams VIABLE in Delve. Crypt Keepers, Primal Rift, Sea of Sorrows can be easily beaten at level 500 if you’re competent and lucky (Hall of Guardians and Fang Moor are kinda on the edge there I guess), the Delve Strategies thread has proved that. All-Seeing Eye, The Warrens, Dark Pits, and Silver Necropolis can’t compete at all in the high levels though, and that’s a serious problem.

A simple fix would be to replace Undying with something else. The Faction has plenty of Cleanse and Bless anyway, they don’t need it.

Is it really that hard to make a competent faction?


It is common knowledge that these don’t work in any faction to speak of other than Primal or very slim odds on Crypt Keepers.

These things only seem to be popping up after I’ve acquired the content advertised …


I wonder if those aren’t timed announcements, so they try to push them in front of players in the morning?

It seems silly, there’s already the news that gets pushed in front of you at login. It serves the same purpose.


What do you mean? I can’t see that at all.

Just because you can’t relied on deathmark to win in first and last room doesn’t mean it’s bad. This Faction only got a single AoE attacker, which could be drained unless Blessed, so you have quite a lot of control, unlike in Dark Pits. Bone Golem can be as strong as Treant in Primal Rift, and it can even be summon back again, so the odd to win Faction team at 500 in the event is actually pretty possible.

With lots of troop being Blessed, my Vanya could do 50+ AoE. It’s strong enough, that I think doing at Level 200 shouldn’t take much effort. I even already win at 180 in first try, with full team survived.

Did you get that 2 mixed up? I don’t remember ever seeing anyone beat SoS at 500. In my opinion, it’s the worse Faction with relied too much on Sea Witch’s ability to loop forever.

On the other hand, I remembered @TheIdleOne beat Faction 500 ASE with Hoard 199. I also beat it at 300 with just Hoard 111, so even base Hoard 100 is quite doable.

Could you please pick one thread to post and stick to it, please? When you post the same thing in multiple thread, it make the discussion broken and harder to read.

Also, as you see people already beat this Faction with Faction team at 500 right on Friday. So, I don’t think it’s not that hard to make competent Faction like this.

You know what else is not that hard and can do quite easily? Judging a difficulty of the Factions on surface level without actually try playing it.


Completed 280 with Tier 6. Guess I have to start buying Tier 7 for 290+


Well, at least you’re making your life easier in the process!

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Or wait for tommorow’s free sigils?

It’s a new faction event, will last whole weekend lol.

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The goal was to reach 500 + faction team :stuck_out_tongue:

If only I could


By my count, you are probably looking at +28 to all stats from potions by the time you are at level 500. That’ll definitely help with the faction team!

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tier 6 finished: 280
tier 7.1 finished: 350
tier 7.2 finished: 380
tier 7.3 finished: 430
tier 7.4 finished: 480

Yeah, you’re right! I mean, I could make you wrong but that’d be weird. I’ll finish up 490 and 500 with the daily event sigils, then give 1-6 attempts at the faction team at hoard 100 without potions while complaining to myself that its too hard, then tidy up by finishing the faction team in the faction event.


In the Silver Necropolis shop, level six, there is an item, “Bones Set”.

What is that, exactly? Troop, weapon, something else?


It’s an emoji pack


Whoa. And I can ONLY get it with gems? That’s a bit of a cheese.

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yes because it’s that factions emoji set


Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.