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New Faction - Stonesong Eyrie

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/new-faction-stonesong-eyrie/

New Faction: Stonesong Eyrie


Join Elwyn, as you explore the (underground) peaks of the Stonesong Eyrie!

We have a new Faction to delve, as well as lots of new troops, and an eyrie to explore!

To celebrate the release of this new Faction, we will be running a Faction event over the weekend for the Stonesong Eyrie.

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I say again:

See also:

And this…




Just finished out pure faction 150


So before I commit too much to the event, is this a better, “mostly equal”, or worse farming delve than the others?

I’ve been neglecting my Delves so I don’t even remember which one I was farming. Looks like Silver Necropolis? I think I stopped farming it because I didn’t like the team setup I had for it.

My initial impression is that it is categorically worse than Silver Necropolis and Sea of Sorrow. It is also easier to advance in, since there are five parallel paths through, three of which involve only three fights total.

Bleh, OK. I’ll see if find a fast clear team I like and if not then I guess I’m stuck with a farming faction I don’t like haha.

Haven’t started yet but m contemplating on using mount crasher ,double gargoyle and obsidius to lvl 100-120

Even this little paint chip eater could spell “choose” correctly. 🤦

When you can’t proofread text, you instantly lose credibility in your coding. 4un (new way to spell for your information)

I’d say roughly equal to Sea of Sorrows in terms of teams available, but slightly worse in terms of rewards. Timeknight might have a more detailed analysis, but Treasure Rooms seem few and far between, and the average rarity’s kinda low.

Silver Necropolis, imo, blows all others out of the water from the sheer number of Treasure Rooms (+90 Glory? +6000 Gold? Yes please) and high average multipliers/chest upgrade rates. Purple gives you access to Leprechaun, which would be my top pick for fast farming teams, I think.


I generally use Bronzelock/Leprechaun with damage smooshed between them that can either win outright, get an extra turn, or lead back into Bronzelock/Leprechaun.


Bronzelock/Infernus/Ishbaala/Leprechaun (any class with a storm, pref infernus colors)
Bronzelock/Titania/Leprechaun/Leprechaun (any class with a storm that fills Titania turn 1, pref red)
Bronzelock (knight for lightstorm)/Gaard’s Avatar/Lord Ember/Leprechaun

Rush the II treasure rooms for a chance at Cedric’s Hideaway for extra fun with Bronzelock. But basically any Leprechaun + Storm into Win Condition setup, Bronzelock is just there for backup because it can both generate and clean up stragglers nicely, has no color overlaps with what I use, and is fun with 4x moneybags.

Titania variant can do sub 4 min full clears, but the wrong set of rooms can slow you down significantly. Infernus is a steadyier 4 ish minutes. Gaard’s Avatar was for funsies when I needed 3 knight 3 brown under the old daily task system but ended up being almost as fast as Titania (just mostly because it overkilled most rooms, where Titania might need 2 shots sometimes but extra turns her first one often).


I really don’t understand how they could release such a poorly designed delve. Even mid-level pure faction team runs are a horrible excercise in frustration and futility, you either get lucky many times or you end up wasting time on a boss room fight you can’t possibly win. Could someone familiar with the game please play test the next delves?

Without potions is totally impossible indeed (that apply to many of them anyway tbh).

But with them am not sure how ppls can struggle that much, did 500 at first try while last one (with same amount of potions) almost made me ragequit.

Used Mage, queen, queen, harpy, mage basically only needed to keep the storm running and harpy to drain their mana if any of them get full (and not to heal), seen basically you just spam queens they should kinda die all together (unless their mage get lots of skulls hits that’s a bad thing) and the summon wont be a problem at all.

I actually think the delve map design is the best one yet - multiple options that seem pretty generous if you opt-out of the legendary room.
The troops on the other hand…
So overall I say a win for improving delve design and a massive miss for troops fun/playability


Oh boy, oh boy… All this fuss because a misspelled word… But otherwise the majority is boasting they are good Christians… Looks like Christians who haven’t red the bible because doesn’t it say somewhere “he who is without sins throwed the first stone”? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: So all those who haven’t spelled a word wrong can comment all the others stay stumm… :zipper_mouth_face:

Hmmmm looks like a lot of silence…. :grin:

The map is great, that multiple 5% chance each turn to summon yet another harpy though…

Removing the Harpy Flock trait from Harpy so she can’t summon infinite copies of herself would already help a lot. Let her summon something else instead that terminates the summoning chain, like a Roc. Running a pure faction team you just can’t get rid of her fast enough at higher delve levels, unless RNG gives you a very, very long break.

I feel like my main takeaways on Delve are:

  • If you consider “sell potions” a design goal Delves are very successful at that.
  • It’s exceptionally hard to think of a way to design several dozen sets of troops such that from level 20 to 500 players feel it is a fair challenge, especially with a restricted team.

Maybe the devs flew too close to the sun on this one. It’s a good idea, but it went too far to stay fun, and once it stops being fun the bite of the “If you weren’t F2P this would be easy” feelings stings.

I’m sorry. I thought you have been playing this game a while and were already aware of all the text mistakes. But I can 100% I’ve never released a product that has “been tested” and it shows mistakes that will take years to fix.
I’m not sure what religion has to do with it. But what an odd point to side with the devs on.

They did that already…:man_shrugging:

Seems to me that they’ve downscaled the summon harpy percentage (from the previous 25 or 35%?) in the troop trait text but actually forgot to do it in the coding. :joy:

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