Stonesong Eyrie appeared early on XB1 and PS4


I maxed the horde and quality and opened 20 of the ‘×20’ portals. Did 2 regular underworld delves and now it’s all gone. No new faction on UW map, faction missing in troop Kingdom select drop menu. 459K gold gone. All troops gone. Very unimpressed.

Lost over 1700 gems (alrady bought up to tier 7 plus some might potions).
over 2 Million gold upgrade delve to L 100
and over 8000 shards for get all troops 4 times on mythic and level them up
Also 2 troops fully and the other 2 partly traited.

I m interested how I get my stuff back and what will be the compensation for all the trouble and anger :frowning:

Gem refunds next week you say? I’ll believe it when i see it. I recorded my purchases for proof just in case.

Please read the article for all the information.

I didn’t start event so gem refunds are irrelevant. What is relevant is 4000 shards, 459000 gold, 12 priests chalice, 27 kings crown, 5 genies lamp, 1 sacred treasure, all troops fully traited and 3 ascended to legendary and 1 to mythic. No mention of any of that in the article.

I think any progress will be saved. The only issue is my gold that got put into it. That gold was supposed to go to guild but was going to get gold back from event so now I will be having to do pvp to get it back. Oh well not going to sweat the small stuff. These things happen from time to time. No one is perfect.

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All Stonesong Eyrie Faction Troops and any progress made in Stonesong Eyrie will be saved to your account but will be invisible until the Faction releases properly after 4.4

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How come some players still have the troops?

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Anyone who used shards and obtained the new faction troops before the faction was withdrawn, still has harpy and Co available in the troop menu by setting the kingdom search to the factions ‘sister Kingdom’, which i think is Suncrest…