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StoneSong Comes Again

Every time a faction returns I will return to the forum. Be reasonable , be sensible, let us buy into where we got last time we played a faction. We keep repeating this request. You keep giving the deaf ear. Players will leave over this. Players who feed you gems. Players who feed you cash. Players who are your actual livelihood. Let us buy into where we got to. I will not ever restart Stone-song or any other faction from level 20 when I am already level 200. We are not idiots. Yet you treat us like we are. We can take our dollars elsewhere. Let us buy into with gems where we got to. Obviously too hard. Might be too hard to keep playing. Sorry about food on your dinner table but you don’t deserve it; you don’t respect your player base. Get it right ; get it right, its as simple as paying gems to opt in at various points. Even lots of gems. Your eyes should light up. You win- get gems, get cash. The player wins, they progress from where they currently are. The current situation is arrant gaming nonsense. A plague on your game unless you fix it.


These tuesday events aren’t meant to actually advance with a faction. They are just a bunch of very loosely themed battles to earn some orbs and depending on your process some other assorted resources.
I fully agree that there should be a better way, sorry, any kind of reasonable way to advance though.


I agree with your sentiment, but the dev sentiment is making it to Faction 500 is a task for high-end players who pay a lot of gems for the privilege.

The only way a discount is coming is if they come up with a new, more expensive challenge and want to make faction 500 more accessible so people can get to the new, more expensive challenge faster.

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As @Stix said this event isn’t to progress to 500. It’s an event for rewards. This is the gem sink, the non event faction is the gold sink. Taking one of them away means you are spending less of one of those resources and eventually most players will have capped out. Players can still max all factions using events and high hoards, but it takes massive amount of resources and time.

I understand what you are asking for but it will never happen, at least not until all factions are in the game and they have moved on to another set of sinks. Very few players are leaving because of this if any. This isn’t the hill players are dying on. There are hills, just not this one.

As time goes on players will be getting a lot more natural stat boosts to help pure faction in non events. Between any new features, kingdom levels, medals, medaled troops, hoard levels, and renown bonuses, this will reduce the cost to max them naturally. It will take time but it will get easier. The problem is everyone assumes it should be maxed right away, and that’s not how it works, even though we all wish it was.

I hope for your sake something changes down the line, but I wouldn’t hold my breathe for a change to the faction event itself.


Doubt I’ll quit over it, but definitely won’t spend any money on the game as long as delves are as predatory as they currently are.

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This faction is a disgrace of RNG BS. Harpies spawn incessantly for the AI but not for the player. No wonder these twats get dodgy attention. Pure shite.
An hour into 500 pure and I can’t see any way to win. They have 4 harpies, me 3 plus blade wing. I want to see the devs do a full tuesday run and stream it. Cos this is shite on every level. 5%? Fuck off.


Funny enough, Harpies used to have traits that spawn summons on 4/5 gem matches. It got changed to what it is now. Some people cheered.


I can’t win this fight without AOE damage. Gonna have to bail on this or I will still be fighting at reset. Absolute bollocks.

its unlikely to go any faster on a rematch… some people end up winning by sheer volume of casts that bladewing starts doing multiple hundreds of damage

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Yeah, as Idle says, definitely build up Bladewing with Arcane

No point continuing with my current team. Gonna retry but I am not optimistic about getting this one done. Without queen it’s futile.
if anyone can tell me how faction Tuesday is in any way enjoyable, please enlighten me.

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Finished. Thank fuck I never have to do that shite again. Appalling.


Its not, hence why I do it in the 3 days on release.

I want the stat bonus’s from Pets(kingdom preogression) and Renown, so I need to finish the factions at 500 pure, and unless a massive cost of resources, its a massive cost of gems lol

Interestingly, I LOVE the delve events. Best way to earn chaos shards, which I need thousands of still.

I grind delves to 500 using my 3-a-day delve tokens. But each one takes 20+ minutes, and I earn 30 shards. But the delve events on Tuesdays? I spend no gems, and I still net 500-600 shards just playing the free tokens.

Weekly delve events are my favorite resource gaining mode.

Sorry I completely agree with the original post regarding the start point, and the event is actually there to help players with the faction as well as those who choose to use minimal sigils for rewards as I often do also. I also agree about harpie AI spawn. Having played that faction event I started to keep tally and my spawns were very rare compared to the AI. I’m honestly not being negative because of the effort it took to overcome but it was blatantly clear the AI favoured their own spawns

The 5% spawn opportunity should be 5% for the player and the AI. But it clearly isn’t. I would estimate 20% minimum for the AI and that’s wrong on every level. I beat it quick in the end by using dbl queen for AOE damage. You simply can’t risk singular damage in this faction cos the next harpy is already ready to go as soon as you kill a troop. My blade wing killed zero. In 5 attempts the AI BW instakilled 9 of my guys. Total joke.

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The Harpy spawns are ridiculous, but it was the Bladewing that made me decide not to do the faction event this time. Normally I’ll at least do until the Vault Key. 1st room Bladewing snipes far too often.

Percentages aren’t equal. Fact

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Truth is that on a 1 day push this is a seriously tall order. Yes, you can get to 500 quickly but the 500 pure fight can take hours. Harpy spawns are a pure non 5% travesty. You need AOE damage to win the final fight. I used 2 queens and won in 8 minutes . Previously I wasted an hour before quitting. Blade wing won’t help you because respawns are inevitable. Queen is the answer. Take them all down together or you are on for a very long night

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Je suis entièrement d’accord avec pas mal de personne !
à la faction AMANITHRAX je suis au LvL 140 ! Je n’ai pas envie de recommencer depuis le LvL 20 !
Je vais arrêter de mettre des gemmes dans tel ou tel evenement ! On se fait voler avec l’evenement qu’ils rajoutent le week-end !
Et en plus de ça, ils ont augmenté les prix !! Je ne sais pas si c’est légal !! Je vais me renseigner auprès d’une association de défense des consommateurs !!!