New Faction - The Black Heart

Join Amira, as you explore the hideout of The Black Heart!

We have a new Faction to delve, as well as lots of new troops, lead by Bile Blackheart!

To celebrate the release of this new Faction, we will be running a Faction event over the weekend for The Black Heart.

Please note for teams with multiples of Bile Blackheart, that his legendary trait may apply to the same Skull. This is not a bug due to how the traits resolve when triggered.

Also we are aware that some of the emojis in the emoji set for tonight’s Faction event may appear to blend with the chat menu’s background. We have an improvement for them coming in the next update.


Hmmm. I can’t seem to find any threads of players asking for more troops with random chance of instakill. I wonder why that is? Maybe because WE DIDN’T WANT ANY.
Also it’s a 5 room minimum delve. :unamused:


Woeful delve - too easy to lose a troop on a pure faction run; even at low level testing the teams usefulness. Agree-worst delve ever.


I normally go for lvl200 pure faction when there is a new faction.
Last one I only go for lvl100. I’ll do the same with this one.

8700 Chaos shards for full ascension.
130th portal for 1st troop
250th for 2nd
270th for 3th
435th for 4th

Idk why people are frustrated pure RNG and zero skill deciding matches is exactly why I play Slots of War.


Well you see, the feedback was so positive after Eldrazhor had a low-probability (for the player) instant kill chance that it was a foregone conclusion that we would get more along the same lines. Just like everyone’s favorite faction, Stonesong Eyrie! It’s clearly a winning combo [for someone who profits when multiple tier-VII purchases are required]

Just count your blessings that the troops don’t have summoning capabilities this time to boot.

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Unless you’re trying to be METAL :metal::wink:


On the third try.
I went in to the boss room with only two troops (Deathblade & Bile) and they were the wrong way round due to bullette !
Just kept exploding Bile for the skull matches and to wipe doomskulls off the board so enemy Deathblade wouldnt use them against me.
My Deathblade generally instakilled at 35+

This is how my first try ended in the boss room - he instakilled me the next turn :scream::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


If anybody should ever wonder why the community is so ill disposed towards Infinity Plus Two, this is one of the reasons. Bile Blackheart is picking a random skull and transforming it into an uberskull. Quite obviously it shouldn’t pick the very same skull a second time, because it isn’t around any longer, it should pick some other skull instead. And yet, in the perfect little communication hell Infinity Plus Two has so elaborately cultivated, this isn’t a bug. It’s how the traits resolve when triggered, which is working exactly as intended, they have been fine-tuned for precisely this surprise result the past few years. Which is the last we’ll ever hear from Infinity Plus Two on this topic, they’ll now avoid our malicious attempts to make them appear wrong. Happy facepalming, everybody.


Well, they misprinted Deathblade (Should be 50% chance for the AI to instakill, with a bonus of +5% per doomskull).
And Nightarrow (Should be 33% chance for the AI to instakill, with a bonus of +3% per doomskull).
Both of these troops have instakilled with ONE doomskull on the board, within 5 levels of each other, roughly 10 casts. The first one was the first AI cast it got. No, there’s nothing shady about how the AI constantly gets better odds than players.


Reminds me on when Gorbil and Mimic devoured my whole team…

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Just “streakiness” they only manipulate AI rng/rates for new players.


I like the map, looking at the treasure rooms.


I’m too busy to find the bug report. But a dev came in and explained to me that traits don’t trigger at the same time. That they ALL stagger.

Now this troop is working like I thought traits work but was dev-splained out of that thinking.

NOTHING IS CONSISTENT anymore. PQ3 has been a curse that everyone knew it would be.


Using this for leveling. Hopefully against the black heart instakills, you can eat, kill or lockdown them BEFORE they cast.
Cause we know what happens if they get a single cast off…

Anyone else finding that Balckheart doesn’t convert a skull to doomskull but just generates a random doomskull somewhere?

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Working as intended maybe? Even though none of us were told this yet? :laughing:

This faction is easy! 2 Blackhearts + 2 DeathBlades (stealty - untraited). If you haven’t already. Don’t fully trait it yet. It helps a bit. Though 4 Blackheart will do it too.

Yes it looks to me also that it’s just creating one, not converting a skull

Edit: I slowed down from 4x to 2x to try and get a better look but it’s still hard to tell. Maybe it’s sky drop skulls getting converted immediately which makes it look weird? I’m hesitant to file a bug report until I can tell I’m not just seeing things :woozy_face:

  1. Blackheart is 100% just spawning a doomskull at times. I don’t know the algorithm, so I don’t know WHY, but it is doing it.
  2. This is just the 2nd delve I refuse to play again, even on tuesdays. The RNG is too skewed to the AI. I got instakilled almost a dozen times, & each chance was under 25%, with about 30 enemy casts total. I got two of I don’t know how many, but it was’nt even close to the rate the AI was getting. The other delves is All Seeing Eye, since they refuse to put in a 9th room, and you HAVE to buy tiers on tuesday if you want that last level of rewards.