My Black Heart Delve Reaction

I sincerely hope one day a group of developers come to your favorite video game or video game franchise and they do everything they can possibly can to ruin it.

Then you’ll know what’s it like to be a fan of Gems of War ever since 4.7 patch has been released.

Black Heart Delve is next level in terms of personal sabotage. Clearly too many of your players still enjoy Delves so you’re hell bent on ruining that for them to.

Regardless of whether or not doomskulls are bugged with the new legendary troop trait (it probably is bugged and you failed to test to it before releasing it). 12 Mana troops have ZERO business insta killing anything.

Rest in peace Gems of War, 505 Games never deserved you… Puzzle Quest 3 gooooood luck… Because you’re going to need it.

PS… Players were still screwed over by Arachnaean Weaver not being in Event Chests despite being advertised otherwise. And not enough has been done/said to remedy the situation. Thief’s only get away with stealing if you let them.


“What’s that? You loved Stonesong? You want a whole delve for Bladewing?”


That delve hated me… We had player clearing it right away and then there was me, being instakilled with 0 doomskulls on the board.

I still got it done but yeah… That was annoying. 2nd time (last GW being the first time) I yelled at my tablet in frustration because of GoW.

Love the troop artwork, though.

Biggest issue seems to be that no one on their end really plays the game. They don’t know…


:grin: :grin: :grin: This is an easy delve. :grin: :grin: :grin:


If you’re not extremely unlucky then yes. :sweat_smile:

I admit, 2 of my troops got instakilled (1 bile and 1 deathblade). I instakilled back for revenge. :grin: Love bile though. Just explode galore. :rofl: No thinking necessary.

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Just what I’m looking for from Delves. :roll_eyes:

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