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To the Devs

I played this game 2 or 3 years then left shortly after delves were introduced. I recently returned after a long time gone. I love many aspects of the game but the 5.0 has become for me a lot of grind. I use gaming as an escape and now am so frustrated cuz there seems no earthly way I can ‘catch up’ unless I play day and night. With the new patch to level kingdoms I am very discouraged. I am in a great, supportive guild (Mean Machine) run by an awesome player (AmazonJax) who does not pressure us at all. So all of this discouragement comes from me. I am elderly (71) and this just overwhelms. I am not wanting to be negative but I think the Devs should know how this is affecting folks. :slight_smile:


Yeah too many discouraging aspects; its not a casual game; its not even really a free game; its a terrible grind.

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This is not meant to be something that is done now though.

While you are putting pressure on yourself to complete these certain tasks, you need to remember, its also tied into the kingdom leveling as well, which needs something like 40 troops to reach level 30, and thats not going to be out for years.

It is a long term goal, that is using resources that will be released at a later point in time in a way that will make them more common.

Ignore the trolls and just focus on playing the game the way you want to. You will get there eventually.

Let’s say you go to a fancy restaurant and order their best ribeye steak. It’s $100. They present it to you and it’s amazingly done. Do you pick up your knife and fork and start savoring delicious bites, spending the next half-hour to an hour blissfully enjoying a meal, or do you shove the entire thing in your mouth like Kirby then leave upset because it was only a momentary distraction along the road to the grave?

In another thread with another person’s identical opinion about the same issue, someone brought up a valid point. When Ingots were released, we were all agitated about them. The low-end ingots were plentiful, too plentiful. But mythic ingots were worse than diamonds, nobody felt able to get enough to make progress in a reasonable timeframe. They were so precious, nobody could decide if it was worth upgrading ANY mythic weapons.

Then Delves came out, and started injecting the rarer ingots into the economy. Suddenly a Mythic Ingot was about as valuable as a few hundred glory. Now I upgrade weapons for fun. Problem solved.

It went kind of that way the last time they boosted Kingdom Power. Originally all you had to do was collect troops, level troops, and trait troops. Then they expanded it to include a ton of other things, like pets or weapons. Aside from pets, most of the currencies people were upset were too hard to acquire are so much easier to acquire now nobody complains.

That’s how this game works, and sadly how this industry makes money. First, they get you to agree it seems reasonable that an F2P player can achieve everything. Then, they let you get part of the way there. Then, they add more “everything”, with for-pay paths to get there faster.

This isn’t some unique tactic in F2P. It’s almost the core game loop. If you don’t like it, the only choice you can make that might have some impact is to choose to play games that only offer cosmetic paid upgrades. In GoW, even the “Cosmetic Pets” are important for Kingdom Power so they aren’t “cosmetic” at the onset.

But even that market has its questionable tactics. For example: Epic Games is suing both Google and Apple now, and would have you believe you should be on their side as the plucky underdog. But what their lawsuit is affirming is: “Man, it used to suck when cable was the only way to get TV. But what if there were like, 8 different $10/month services that provided the same content? Then, instead of paying 1 company $50/month for cable, you could split $80/month across 10 companies for content! This Is The Way.”

The only winning move is to start reading books or picking up a craft like sewing or playing an instrument in your free time. You can’t play an F2P game for fun and complain it wants money, anymore than you can shake the Devil’s hand then say you’re only kidding.


Ehmmm… the thread opener doesn’t talk about F2P/P2W at all. He’s talking about the game being a painful grind. So…???

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Gave you a like Isak. Just want to add that I do not see you as ‘negative’ just concerned. As I would be in your situation. I too left the game but only for four months. It took me about the same time to catch-up but am still missing some weapons and Forge Scrolls that were issued during my ‘holiday’ from the game. I guess it will take 2 to 3 years for you to also play catch-up.

The main point I want to make is that you do not need to do everything in the game. I no longer spend 12 hours looking for a counter to a particular defense in Guild Wars. GW is very low on my interest meter and I do not see this changing soon with the extra skill points being added through various means. One of those means is the amount of grinding required to get medals and troops to Elite level. That grind is also of little interest to me. In addition, trying to be a completionist is a no win situation for the player.

I do more than 1,000 trophies a week without the added ‘work’ and stress and am happier for it.

TL:DR Pick and choose what you want to do in the game otherwise it is ‘work’. Stick with your current guild - they sound good - and the social aspect seems very important to you. :slight_smile:

This is the type of game that’s not meant to try and rush to do everything.