New players dont like the recent patch, just saying dev... rethink the new questline progression

please pay attention to what porter is saying here devs… this new patch is gonna kill your game because new players wont stick with it… making everything locked behind too many questlines that scale in difficulty was a horrible idea. please rethink this.


I don’t think that opinion of a few unpleased players will budge them from their chairs to lose balance.

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at the very least they should pay attention to how long new players will stay with the new way that the game progresses, it is just very difficult for new players now to progress in the game and that will have a huge impact on its growth.


I agree. Delves are especially problematic in that regard. Progression is pretty much impossible at some point, unless if you’re a meta-hoarder or an extremely rich guy who can afford to spend several thousand Gems each week.

I suspect that this game will get worse with each update, making the grind more extreme with more demanding tasks and monetization options. Just look at the deeds or Doom scrolls.

This charade will continue because of the Publisher - 505 Interactive.
It’s a shame, really. But they are like sharks in the water.
One drop of blood can set them in a feeding frenzy, destroying everything in their path, just because they don’t care about anything else, but one thing only - money.


You don’t make changes based on what someone is saying in chat; you make changes based on metrics. Clearly their metrics show that the game makes more money like it is now, because they wouldn’t have kept making it more and more like this otherwise.

If you don’t like how the game is now, then at least stop spending, and possibly stop launching the app to begin with. The only things that will make the devs stop and pay attention are if their metrics for Daily Active Users and Average Revenue Per User suddenly bottom out. If people, in general, keep playing and spending, then nothing changes.


Not entirely true. The devs do listen to player feedback and adjust if the situation allows them to. They will, however, adjust a lot faster if the feedback is reduced spending than they will if the feedback is grumbling in chat or on the forums.

It’s long and boring. We must add trophies to win at events, a system like the arena could be interesting at least to show us that all the time spent on these quests is not useless.
this remains a personal opinion but the more time passes and the less I want to play because the gaming experience is getting longer and not rewarding its true value.

I’m really glad I beat all kingdoms few days before that patch. Not only is going through KQ fights pain in the ass now, but new players are now very limited when it comes to the order they unlock things, especially classes and epic troops and that’s a very bad thing in my opinion.


If it aint broken, dont fix it.
Open muti choice system is always better than a closed controlled path. Why restrict freedom of choice ?


Freedom of choice is very good when you can evaluate all the options to choose the best one. If you are new to an environment, you don’t have the experience to tell you whether one option is better than another. It’s like comparing the moves of a chess novice to those of a grandmaster: the grandmaster understands the system well enough to achieve favorable outcomes usually, but the novice has a much larger chance of failure. (GoW newbies can’t really fail in the way a chess player can, but they can get stuck in a story quest and not have a clear idea what else they can do to make progressing easier. So they lose time, or interest in the game, rather than a chess match.)

This new system restricts choices so new players don’t feel overwhelmed and rudderless. I think it’s a great idea, though there is plenty of room for discussion about how new content becomes available.


What balance?

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I’m one of those new players.

While I don’t disagree with that persons statement, I have other issues with the game.

Primarily, I feel like I have no direction at all as what to do. Right after I joined there was some sort of handout for server downtime or something along those lines, so I ended up with a decent amount of keys and resources to kick start my deck.

I was able to piece together a functional deck and get through a few realms with middling challenge. Giant week gave me a good deck to plow through a lot of content. After joining a guild and being inundated with hundreds of keys and other resources I am just overwhelmed with what to do.

I’m stuck on the adventure path for the last 25 levels or so. I’m supposed to unlock the underworld but no hint as to how that is supposed to happen. The tool tip on the world map indicates I need to finish all the regions first? Just getting started on the dragons claw area and then I will unlock what looks to be the last 3 areas. Maybe that will do it.

The information that is provided is vague and there is not much of it.

Once you start opening chests you are flooded with cards, that for all intents and purposes are nearly identical.

The adventure path needs to be a list you can view in full. Several times I got stuck because I did something early that required drops. Had I known that task was in queue I could have waited.

Starting the game with a functional team and real team examples that do not involve fully unlocked cards.

The guild events kinda suck TBH. Guild wars was feast or famine and this tower thing went from doable in round one to me getting my face kicked by a mule in round 2.

The story has escalated in difficulty far too quickly. Frankly I’ve been winning most matches out of sheet luck rather than anything else. Once you get about halfway through a region now you’re fighting over leveled fully upgraded cards and frankly it’s a craps shoot most of the time.

Anyways, sorry for the wall of text but this is my opinion of the game so far. Not giving up on it yet.

Also, premiums… I carry a pretty large Google rewards balance from doing surveys and I always buy intro packs for games that grab my attention. This one has been the exception. There have been zero offers that remotely look like a typical legup pack and everything I’ve seen is over priced for what you get. They really need to put some thought into these.


This is some very good feedback. I hope the devs are paying attention to what you and other new players are saying about how the early game feels.

As for what you can spend money on, here is a quote from an unofficial new players’ guide:

Dragon Armor
Your hero can purchase armor using gems. You should save 500 gems and buy Dragon Armor as your first piece. It grants 100% gold bonus, 50% souls bonus, and 50% xp bonus. Gems of War is a completely free to play game. Players who spend real money should consider buying the Death Knight Armor. It’s the best purchase granting a 100% bonus to gold, souls and xp.

The above text was taken from this guide for new players, which was announced in this thread on the official forums.

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How is your guild? Do you use discord?

Find a good active guild with support from veterans. There’s lots of good groups around.

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I agree about the guild. Most good guilds will help you with what you should be doing, if you need help.

Freedom of choice is very good when you can evaluate all the options to choose the best one. If you are new to an environment, you don’t have the experience to tell you whether one option is better than another.

That’s why you take a look at wiki (which to be fair is outdated but still helpful for some things) and GoWDB to see what you can get from what and decide what to go for first. Joining a guild and asking them for help and suggestions is another smart way of going about it as a newbie.

General update to my previous post. Nothing has improved, quite frankly it’s nosedived.

Story progression came to a complete halt at after opening up the three kingdoms that include suncrest.

Difficulty for everything escalates far too quickly. Guild events are practically pointless to participate in.

For all practical purposes it’s clear the game’s content has grown beyond the reach of the creators to understand how progression works. Generally speaking, just about everything is doable at the first tier or level. Once the next stage is reached the content nearly doubles in strength and includes cheese ball mechanics that make continuing futile.

As to the reply about premiums, no. Under no circumstances would a $50 purchase be considered reasonable. Even if I were neck deep I wouldn’t buy that as is it add negligible value over the previous and the additional items that come with it are a joke.

I’m left to assume they made these changes to stymie people from creating secondary accounts to game the dailies/events/guild progression.

I’m at a loss for words.

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