Starting players guide - Update for version 4.5

Hi everyone,
the members of the Black Dragon Court created a great guide for starting players. That guide was available only on their Discord server, so we decided to convert it as a PDF and share it with all the new players of Gems of War.

As all the user-created guides, it contains both objective data collected from the game and personal opinions, so some of you may disagree with some of the advice in it.

Our hope is that it can help new players by giving them a step-by-step guide to approach the game.
The more players will fall in love with Gems of War, the more the game will be healthy and fun!

This is the link to the guide:
Starting players guide - On Black Dragon Court Discord
Starting players guide - On The Golden Phoenix Inn Discord

Feel free to download it and share it on your Discord servers if you like it.
Let us know if it can be made better or if you have suggestions.

Guide creators: Black Dragon Court
PDF conversion: Golden Phoenix Inn


Fantastic job! Perhaps support can implement this in the knowledge base and credit you guys.

Great job! Just one wish: please show the game version in the title: “Starting_Players_Guide_GoW_v4.5”.

Good hint, we will do. Thx!

Thanks MK. And a big thanks to Redi and Mutha as well.

I want to stress that the intention was to make a slimmed down guide that’s backed by our discord server and our members. We offer a lot of one on one help to fill in blanks, There’s going to be missing info.

For people not familiar with the new process the linear nature of the progression may come as a surprise. As does the scaling difficulty in the kingdom quest lines.

One thing likely needing an update is the best farming faction. City of Thieves seems to be the best for a farm but several are close to the same. At the very least I will mention it.

Lastly, as someone who helped run starter and mid level guilds for some time, this new progression system is less user friendly. The order important daily activities are unlocked is problematic. The underworld should be available before the soul forge. The best hero class weapons are tucked away as well.

Please let me know what we can do better or what’s missing.


Hi, as a fairly fresh player to GoW (Nintendo) I really appreciate the fact you guys put together this guide, considering other guides I found seem outdated.

Point 3.
It states that some challenges unlock areas of the map.
What does it mean? How important these areas are? Which ones should be unlocked?
One guide I’ve approached said to not touch challenges because they give souls and you’ll need bunch of those later on in the game. Challenges will be a quick way of obtaining those.

Point 11.
I would also appreciate some more info on team building. The main thing I’ve noticed is to keep your hero in a team at all times, why is that besides weapon versality?

Which troops to upgrade first? Is there like a certain meta, that only handful of troops/teams work well or it’s more like a rock paper scissors analogy?

Does it matter which troops I play/upgrade in my early days?

Basically I’m trying different troops (w/o upgrading yet), which abilities would benefit each other, like apply burn - boost by burn, generating certain colour of gems - using such color of gems. Is that correct way of thinking?

And last question… did I ask too many questions? :smiley:

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I’ve been playing a long time so I don’t remember well what it’s like being a newbie and because I’ve been grandfathered past mist of the recent changes I haven’t seen them 1st hand, so I’ll give you what I can.

The last update changed game progression from “here’s a huge map with no direction on where to go or what to do” to “you start in this area, do some stuff, which opens up this new area, where you do some new things to open up another area, etc”. Completing challenges are what trigger these new areas.

That is outdated. You have to complete them to open new areas (kingdoms, game modes, the soulforge, etc). Challenges are a great help in getting resources - more so now than they were when I was a newbie.

Always a good idea to keep your hero in your attack teams if possible because there are a ton of classes that you can open up to change you’re hero to that give it different strengths. Each class needs to be leveled up to unlock those abilities & the only way to do that is to get xp from having that class activated while using the hero on your attack team. It will take a lot of grinding to get classes leveled. And leveling classes are required down the road for you to improve your kingdoms. Besides, your hero is typically stronger in stats than a lot of troops early on.

I can’t answer this because I don’t honestly know the order in which kingdom areas are opened to newbies. So I don’t know which troops of the 700+ you have available to you. What I will say is be frugal with your gold, souls & traitstones. Don’t just randomly start leveling & traiting any troop unless you intend to use them. It can be frustrating not having the correct traitstones available to trait a troop you desperately want to use. For a good while you will always feel you have a shortage of souls & traitstones & gold and a mountain of things to use them on.

But keep in mind there’s nothing I can think of that you can do terribly wrong at the beginning of the game that will just completely screw you over later on. So don’t be afraid to experiment a bit with traiting & leveling troops if they sound useful. They all need to be leveled & traited eventually, it just may slow you down a little if you trait the “wrong” troop.

That’s a great way to go about it! Something to keep in mind is that leveling a troop will make that troop stronger stat-wise (life armor magic attack) so they can last longer in a fight, do more damage, etc. Souls are much easier to come by in general than the correct traitstones to trait them so leveling troops you use is always good. Be more picky with which traits you give them. There are a lot if traits that aren’t as useful or aren’t necessary but by giving them, your team score increases which will increase the difficulty of some of the game modes you fight in like PvP.

Hope you continue enjoying the game and glad the guide was helpful! Our guys put a lot of work & thought into it but there is so much content that it’s really hard to boil it all down to a small list of best paths & practices.

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Thanks Vanyel for the help! He seems to have questions answered but if not please ping me again.

One piece of info:

Completing challenges allows for higher kingdom power later on. It also gives you resources. To be clear, kingdom questlines unlock different areas. Challenges are separate from these.

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Which kingdom power level require challange? Or is it just speculation for now?

Power Level 6 :Complete 7 challenges at 5 stars


Thanks for clarifying that!

Wow, thanks for a lot of information.

Basically in games like that I’m usually quite mean with spending resources. I’ve only finished two kingdom questlines so far and haven’t spent any trait stones and only maybe 10-15 troops to level 5-8.

One thing missing from the guide is the better underworld troops. This list helps make it easier to target the better troops. As always it’s based on our opinions

Updated October 13th

Edited the list to include Ethereal Sentry.

Top faction troops

  1. The Maraji Queen - Sunken Fleet
  2. King Gobtruffle- Amanithrax
  3. Harpy Mage - Stonesong Eyrie
  4. Gargoyle - Hall of Guardians
  5. Ethereal Sentry - Hall of Guardians
  6. Grave Seer - Crypt Keepers
  7. Drowned Sailor - Sunken Fleet
  8. Alderfather - Primal Rift
  9. Queen Xochi - Stonesong Eyrie
  10. Luna - The Warrens
  11. Chief Dargon - Fang Moor
  12. Deep King - Sea of Sorrows
  13. Silent Sentinel - Hall of Guardians

Oh, right! Duh! :man_facepalming:

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I was wondering… Do you allow the guide to be translated - with a mention of creators in it, of course?

Sure, no problem

That is before 4.5, not now right?

No, it still applies now.
Here is the complete list if you need it:

Power Level 1
1. Collect 2 kingdom troops
2. Upgrade a kingdom troop to level 5
3. Complete all the quests

Power level 2
1. Collect 4 kingdom troops
2. Upgrade 3 kingdom troops to level 10
3. Level kingdom to level 5

Power level 3
1. Collect a weapon from kingdom
2. Unlock 3 traits on 4 kingdom troops
3. Collect 2 Epic troops from kingdom

Power level 4
1. Collect 8 kingdom troops
2. Upgrade 5 kingdom troops to level 15
3. Upgrade kingdom to level 10

Power level 5
1. Fully upgrade a weapon from kingdom
2. Unlock 3 traits on 7 kingdom troops
3. Collect a Legendary troop from kingdom

Power level 6
1. Collect 12 kingdom troops
2. Upgrade 9 kingdom troops to level 18
3. Complete 7 challenges at 5 stars

Power level 7
1. Collect 3 weapons from kingdom
2. Unlock 3 traits on 11 kingdom troops
3. Collect 2 Legendary troops from kingdom

Power level 8
1. Collect 16 kingdom troops
2. Upgrade 14 kingdom troops to level 19
3. Fully upgrade 2 kingdom weapons

Power level 9
1. Unlock the kingdom hero class
2. Unlock 3 traits on 16 kingdom troops
3. Collect a pet from kingdom

Power level 10
1. Collect 20 kingdom troops
2. Upgrade 18 kingdom troops to level 20
3. Collect a Mythic troop from kingdom

Power level 11
1.  Upgrade 20 kingdom troops to level 20
2. Upgrade the kingdom hero class to level 20
3. Upgrade a kingdom pet to level 10

Power level 12
1. Unlock 3 traits on 21 kingdom troops
2. Reach Champion level 20 on the kingdom hero class
3. Collect 4 kingdom weapons

Power level 13
1. Upgrade 22 kingdom troops to level 20
2. Unlock 3 traits on the kingdom hero class
3. Upgrade a kingdom pet to level 20

Power level 14
1. Unlock 3 traits on 23 kingdom troops
2. Reach Champion level 30 on the kingdom hero class
3. Fully upgrade 3 kingdom weapons

Power level 15
1. Level 24 kingdom troops to level 20
2. Reach Champion level 40 on the kingdom hero class
3. Collect 2 kingdom pets

Power level 16
1. Unlock 3 traits on 25 kingdom troops
2. Reach Champion level 50 on the kingdom hero class
3. Fully upgrade 4 kingdom weapons

Power level 17
1. Upgrade 26 kingdom troops to level 20
2. Reach Champion level 60 on the kingdom hero class
3. Upgrade 2 kingdom pets to level 20

Power level 18
1. Unlock 3 traits on 27 kingdom troops
2. Reach Champion level 70 on the kingdom hero class
3. Fully upgrade 6 kingdom weapons

Power level 19
1. Upgrade 28 kingdom troops to level 20
2. Reach Champion level 80 on the kingdom hero class
3. Collect 3 kingdom pets

Power level 20
1. Unlock 3 traits on 29 kingdom troops
2. Reach Champion level 100 on the kingdom hero class
3. Fully upgrade 8 kingdom weapons

That list is slightly out of date for v4.5. The third 6 star task is now Complete Tier II Challenges (actually, I’ve no seen the exact text).

Also, while I did use a version of that list as source material, I believe my version is better! :smile:

You can judge for yourself. I have printable and online versions at (top-right navigation link to go back to the printable versions), and here’s an image version:

Funnily enough, I’m also in Black Dragon these days. :smile:

PS: To avoid confusion, I recommend calling this stuff Power Stars rather than any kind of “level.”


I edited my post above about faction troops. Ethereal sentry is great when paired with the Shield of Urskaya in scaling events. If I missed others, please let me know .