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Little Beginner Help

Hello Forum,

New user here. Would like a to request a good team recommendation and progression guide (Kingdom quests completed, kingdom level 10s around 50% of them). Farming trainstones, doing PVP and Underground now.

Need some guidance.

GOWDB - https://gowdb.com/collection/3890009b5d5cc61459374998c59dd5b6

Until someone can get you a little more specific advice, if you haven’t seen this guide it might be worth a peek for you for more general progression goals.

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Thanks @vanyel, but I was looking for some good team builds off of my gowdb troops.

Hero with Mang and a class you want to level
Forest Guardian
Dwarven Gate / Leprechaun / your choice, really — anything that gives extra mana or protection (you won’t need more power, probably)

Easy team: goblin, goblin shaman, dryad, hero … takes you far

So I looked through your troops and the first thing I noticed is you have the key team.

Cedric, egg thief, hero with skeleton key, greed.

Get all these troops traited and you have one of the fastest teams and one of the best gold farming teams all in 1.

Again remember, they all need to be traited. Use a red and green banner.

Cast greed first turn and match to fill egg thief. Once you get egg thief full cast it. Use greed again if you need to get your gold up to the 200 max still and you deal more damage based on the amount of gold you have. When hero is full, cast it then spam egg thief until hero is full again. Do this until you kill them. Cedric is there just for looks and to take punches to his face.

This team can complete all your pet battles, dungeons, adventure boards, and can go up pretty high in explore. It can be used with any class you are trying to level.


Late beginner here working to unlock delves. Been blowing through content with my current goblin team partially traited. Currently still undefeated so far in Drifting Sands, but can’t get past the Guild Tasks Lvl 32 stages.


If anyone can take a look at my troops, maybe I’m missing a great build out. I do run a Dragon team with Drocos at point and Sparkgrinder to boost attack. I also have a Dwarf team with King Highforge doing most damage. Both are pretty fun, but if my mains get knocked out, I typically lost tough battles.

Appreciate the expertise and time!

My Collection Link

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Welcome to the community. The best builds will almost always include a Class. I prefer Titan, tho Monk, Thief, and perhaps a dozen or more others have their uses as well.

Titan with Mang can solo quite a bit early on once it reaches Level 40 and gains Barrier. Dragonguard gets a Barrier at Level 20. Archer can survive using Dodge and Entangle.

Mang is obtained when Brown and Red Mastery are both at 22/23.

Of the weapons I see listed, I used War and Peace with my latest alt.

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One advice for all new players:

USE Weapons in your teams, that way:

  • your hero is present in battle and you gain his traits/talents
  • you gain exp for class exp, and unlock more talents

As for hero classes, all Stone classes(Titan, Monk, Runepriest,Sentinel,Plaguelord) have that brilliant lvl 40 trait that gives barrier and makes them tanky as hell.

For a newer players i’d highly recommend using Plaguelord, because:

  • his traits aren’t impresive and you can completely ignore them and you wont loose much from Plaguelord, if you don’t trait him, other classes are kind of crippled without their traits (Titan without 50% mana start, Monk without his Sky Ancestry and bonus mana from match4/5, Runepriest without his 3rd trait, Sentinel without Holy Armor and his 3rd trait), so Plaguelord potential is basicaly in his talents, you can save up traitstones for your legendaries/mythics
  • he has BEST class weapon from all Stone classes(and one of best ingame at all), which is very versatile and can be used in a lot of teams, while other Stone classes weapons are situational (Sentinel → in Tesla/Rowanne teams, Runepriest-> pretty crap weapon overall, modified version of Mountain Crusher, Monk- quite nice one, but not as good as Plaguelord’s, Titan → with full Giant team)

And once you get Essence of Evil (Plaguelord weapon), you can obliterate some realy difficult enemies.

That’s my 1 big hint → go for Plaguelord early… it will give you means to build up stronger teams, it will give you means to do lvl 12 explore and farm Arcane traitstones reliably, even with crap troops…

Once you get a good mythic/legendary you can try building team arround them

of you can just get Shaman with Ragereaver and 3 Tauros Sentinels… (but you need to trait them for this team to work…)

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