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Totally new player looking for help

In the meantime, you could give this a try. It is made up of troops you should have. The hero class is not super important so warlord should do fine.20200408_181501


Wow! Thanks for the fast response. So, here’s a list of the troops I have. I’m on PS4 by the way.
I’m listing them in order of rarity;

Black Beast
Blade Dancer
Blast Cannon
Cat SIth
Dark Priestess
Drake Rider
Dwarven Slayer
Flesh Golem
Giant Spider
Goblin Rocket
Guardian of the Fields
Horse Lord
Jaguar Warrior
Lapina Explorer
Merchant Prince
Obsidian Golem
Orc Veteran
Sacred Guardian
Sacrificial Priest
Settite Warrior
Sister of Shadows
Snow Guardian
Spirit Fox
STone Giant
Thorn Knight
Twisted Hero
Wandering Monk

Some notable rares and uncommons that I’ve read seem to be popular;

Alchemist, Bastite Priestess, Clockwork Sphinx, Dark Maiden, Dark Master, Deep Borer, Dragotaur, Dryad, Excavator, Fire Lizard, Goblin, Goblin Shaman, Greed, Kuotani, Mermaid, Mervorax, Midge Swarm, Mist Stalker, Night Terror, Ogre, Ranger, Siren, The Devoted, Valkyrie, Warlock, Wight, Winter Knight, Wolf Knight, Baby Dragon, Bombot, Bone Scorpion, Creeper, Dragon Eggs, Dwarven Gate, Rire Bomb, Leshy, Nightmare, Rock Worm, Serpent, Snowy Owl, Thrall, Villager, Wall of Bones, Wraith and Zombie

That’s a long list…


Deep borer with 3 rock worms can be very useful. Other useful troops in your list are giant spider, sunbird, and dark maiden.

The best advice I could give you is this: experiment with troops and teams. Dont spend your souls until you’re sure you found a team you like. Focus on red and brown mastery when you level up until you get mang and mountain crusher. Find yourself a good starter guild. Level up your magic kingdoms first. And if I think of more I will make a follow up post.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.


Thanks Sassy, you’ve been very helpful. One last group of questions: Where should I be right in terms of being close to level 60? I don’t have any troops past level 9 right now. I’ve only done the first trait on 2 or 3. Also, Since Laviathan is my only Legendary, should I work around him more?

Thanks again.

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You sound like you are right where you should be at level 60. (Its been a very long time since I was there lol) leviathan is an ok legendary at best. You could use him and level him some but I would change course the moment you get a better one.

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If you haven’t join a good guild. There are many top guilds who have sister guilds for new players. If they use Discord even better. Most guilds will list teams, strats, etc in the different rooms so they are easy to find and use when needed. You will also earn stat increases when tasks are done, thats a huge boost early on.

Also Celestial or Dragon armor. 400 gems each. Start with one, Celestial gives 100% to souls. You will need plenty of souls to lvl your troops.

Explore is important for medals find a difficulty level that you can clear quickly, but isn’t too easy. Farm these for gold, souls, and tokens. Tokens/badges/medals will boost stats.

Idk if this was the info you were exactly looking for, but off the top of my head are some important things to know about early on. Good luck.

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The early game is super frustrating like this. A thing to keep in mind is GoW is not a really fast game. It takes nearly a year to really start getting powerful! So a lot of times people get frustrated because they’ll be, say, level 400 and not feel very powerful. But in reality, that’s just the very end of “newbie” for most players! It’s not until level 1,000 or so that some players start getting out of “mid-game”.

Here’s a thing to look out for in the early game. It’s a team pattern I stumbled into that works pretty good. I made up some categories for the troops long before they were part of the game, and it went something like this:

  • Tank
  • Generator / damage
  • Damage
  • Generator / support

A “tank” is obvious, it soaks up damage and lets the rest of your team have time to do its stuff. Troops that take less skull damage are tanks. The best tank in the game when I was your level was Gorgotha, though now Glaycion is also superb in this spot. Hero classes with the talent Rock Solid can also do very well in this spot. The main point of this slot is: it’s what’s going to take skull damage first, so you want to deal with that.

Next up: any good team probably has 2 generators on it. Generators are troops that fill quickly and do something that makes mana for you, such as exploding gems or generating gems. It’s really nice if the generator can also do damage while it does its thing, but those tend to be rare. In terms of heroes, weapons like Mountain Crusher and Jar of Eyes tend to fill this role really well. If you can get the legendary troop The Dragon Soul, it’s always been a very good generator, and it does a little damage on top. Other good generators include Divinia, Leprechaun, and a ton of troops like Mercy that have the Empowered trait so they start a match with full mana. Valkyrie is also a very good low-rarity generator.

The “Damage” should be obvious, you want a troop that hits hard. The point of your 2 generators is to try and fill this troop quickly so it can do its thing. I lucksacked into the mythic troop The Worldbreaker really early, so that was my “Damage”. As a bonus, that troop also explodes a lot of gems, so he was more “Damage + Generator”. I remember in my early days Mist Stalker was a troop I used for damage a lot, since it did true damage AND got bigger each time. These days, damage troops aren’t quite as powerful as teams that focus on massive skull damage, but I bet at the low levels they’re still effective.

“Support” is a weird role but a few troops do it well. They’re pretty rare. My favorite example is The Possessed King. It’s a mythic, but it explodes gems every time you make a 4 or 5 match. (The hero talent “Lightning Strike” is a smaller version!) TPK’s skill isn’t very good, but that one trait is so strong a lot of teams use him in the 4th slot just for that.

I mentioned above this concept of categories, but troops don’t always fit in just one. I mentioned Gorgotha as a really good tank, but that troop was also one of the best generators in the game in my early days. So keep your eyes peeled for troops that do more than one thing: those tend to be really good!

Apart from all other advice found, looking at your existing troops, in low level explore, maybe 2 or 3, you probably could use Mercy, Terraxis, Leviathan and a hero. You could use the third trait of mercy to get empowered, which could be the goal. No colour blocking on that loop and decent damage to all.

Could throw in a fire bomb until you get the 3rd trait, but it’s best to level hero. Mercy heals the weakest troop so low explore she can cope for a while healing hero if placed in first slot. Purple basic weapon. You also have Sunbird which is good for low level explore. Midge Swarm isn’t bad here too.

Once you start picking up troops with skull negation, they can sit up front.

Look out for Hellcat which works with Alchemist or Mercy and then you can run Terraxis with that or go with 2 Goblin Rockets.

Drawback is Hellcat is an Epic troop, so might take a while.

Thank you! Very good information. Yeah, this is all stuff I didn’t even know to ask! Thank you very much.

Wow, thank you for taking the time for such an informative write-up. This great stuff. I was kind of being a bit greedy with my stuff in case I need it later. This is exactly the kind of game I prefer. Something that takes a long time, the sense of discovery with finding new parts and pieces not to mention finding those great troops!

Thanks again to everyone.

I gave the team Sassy recommended and did a few things. I still wasn’t able to knock out Whitehelm final quest, but I figure it’s because none of those troops have any Traits leveled up and none are over level 9. I’ll work on upgrading them.

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Thank you xolid! I like Terraxis because he kicked my butt so bad a couple of times…scary troop lol. I’m working on building up some troops. I found that even at low levels I can do Explore with some of these troops for testing! Thanks again for your time and input.

Yeah, the kingdom quests used to be pushovers, but a couple of versions back they revamped them and increased the difficulty. I think they did it because it was really easy for new players to unlock a lot of features like Underworld in a few days, then get blindsided when the difficulty spiked really hard.

Things that stood out to me immediately are Leviathan, Terraxis, Mercy, Luther, Apothecary. Giant Spider and Valkyrie are also good mainstay transforming troops.

The thing with Mercy is that the third trait is very expensive to reach for players who are just starting out, so I’d put her on the backburner.

Leviathan and Terraxis both do damage to all enemies, but they need to be leveled up in order to get access to higher magic stat (and thereby higher damage output). Terraxis is fine even without the leveling because he scales up from the gem conversion - but more importantly he makes more brown gems for Leviathan.

Apothecary is excellent there because she also makes more brown gems, and green is a color neither troop uses.

Luther provides a large attack boost (again, needs leveling up in order to really benefit) that serves as a powerful force multiplier if you can get enough skulls to happen, but lacking a reliable skull generator/transformer I would leave him alone for the moment as well. He also uses both of the same colors as Leviathan, so that’s a no-no.

Always make sure you’re using your hero, leveling one class or another; bare minimum, hero’s stats are going to be much higher than most of your troops right now.

There is a streamer on Youtube called Lootwizard. He’s a more experienced player that started a new account last week, because he felt out of touch with the “new player”-experience. Besides his streams playing this new account, he also just made his first New-player tips video:

Could be interesting to watch through and pickup some pointers. I’ve started about 9 months ago or so, and watching his streams I had forgotten how real the struggle is as a new player :sweat_smile:

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Take a look at the starting players guide too Starting players guide - Update for version 4.7.5

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Rowanne is a troop you want to have a close eye on, and slowly start building on. For every armor stats you get from leveling your kingdoms, she will deal 2 more damage. Also now we have medals and getting 3 Medal of Gaards is fully possible, even at a lower level, cuz they is far from the rarest tokens to obtain. Heck you can even go with two Rowannes in the same team.

I believe you get a free copy of her when you have done all the quests in Forest of Thorns. Hopefully you will get Valkyrie from a gold chest soon, she is a great troop to use with Rowanne, both use differently mana combinations and she also provide you with water link and help you to farm souls.


I just created this team for you. If not ready now, just try it in the future when you have obtained Rowanne. Leprechaun in the top allows him to get access to both his mana colors, which helps to set him up faster. Valk will take care of the Rowannes anyway. I hope you like it. Frostfire Banner gives + 2 Blue / + 1 Yellow | - 1 Brown. Valk and Leprechaun gives one extra blue and green mana link. Team might be a little squishy, but you have the adventage starting out.

For more souls during the match for newer players, Wight can be used in the bottom, he also provides with +1 water link, just make sure you use his spell at least once during the battle:

We can obtain one Rowanne by simply completing the quest in Forest of Thorns, and more copies as the kingdom gets more levels unlocked by using gold before deeds are required (If I’m not mistaken). But I would advice any player to always use their hero and any class they have as soon as possible, so they won’t miss Hero Class XP at any battle.

Yeah, Hero can be used in the team instead of double Rowanne.

Whoah! So much great information here. This community rocks! It’s like my eyes have been opened. I finally beat that last quest on Whitehelm. I do find Leviathan to be a struggle early on. Without the resources to build him up quickly, he seems a bit less powerful than I think he should be. I’m now using Hero with every team. I didn’t even know I had ingots and could fully upgrade his weapon! He’s a beast now! I also came across Glutmaw in my group of troops. I was looking for a substitute for Leviathan. I took him into a battle, level 1, no traits and he was awesome! I’m sitting on a little over 3k souls at the moment, so I’m going to level him up to about 8 or 9, trait maybe 1st and 2nd, but for sure 1st. I’m doing “Thorns” now. I’ll try these other teams out as well. I did used some gems and got the Viking armor as I didn’t have 500 for the better armor…one day. I am seeing gold and souls increase a lot faster. Thanks again everyone.


Hello everyone…an update. I’m doing a whole lot better. I just cleaned up Stormheim and I’m moving on to Pan’s Vale then Khaziel. I’ve started running a team that’s been doinf really well for me I think. Dwarven Gate, Clockwork Sphinx, Ranger and +5 Axe of Chaos. I’ve also collected quite a few new troops. I’m saving up my Glory at a little over 3k right now and keeping my souls at roughly 4k. Hoping to see a Stoic Arcane Traitstone soon. I’m going through the forums reading and finding out who I have that would be end game viable so as to not spend resources on the wrong ones. Thanks again everyone for all your help.