[Reported] New Delve is Bugged

This is a pre-emptive post before reset. The new delve will be bugged. The AI will continue to get extra turns. The troops will not work correctly etc etc.

Let’s see if I’m wrong :joy:


They have the born of X trait so for sure make sure to let those gems be created and settled before casting spells or it will soft lock the game same as hawthorn and all the other troops with the born of X traits have been doing for weeks now. So we for sure know of one bug they will bring.


As devs have refused to remove “Born of X” traits until they are fixed, they are for sure also causing the known bug in the new delve. One option is the workaround described by @havok6669. Another option would be to use the troops of the new delve without unlocking their “Born of X” trait. They all have it as a third trait, so the other two traits can still be unlocked and used.


Lightborn Paladins Yellow gem creation doesn’t work. At all.

Edit: Has now been fixed less than an hour after reporting.


The delve bugged on a pure faction run. The game locked on my turn. Frank -its not good enough. Gems are used to progress. Gems = money. The repeated bugs are beyond shameful gaming. It has become despicable in its bug regularity.
One bugged run stops me getting an orb. It means I waste my time redoing the floor. I fall short in achieving a reward. And its a waste of time filling in a ticket with your back log. What have you done to a once crafted proud game.? Franked it completely.


Sounds like you are pointing the finger at me lol I am just another player warning of the known issues not defending them just explaining how the bugs that they created can be mitigated. This is an issue that has been known for several weeks now.


What a pos this delve. No synergy or theme.

Platform: PC

Lighborn Paladin’s skill Lance of Light is causing the game to freeze, forcing me to quit the battle and loose a sigil

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Did you make sure to let all the gems they create at the start of battle generate then resolve any matches and cascades before trying to cast? I can see all of your troops are fully traited and they create yellow or purple gems at the start of your turn.

Yes I have waited, it happened when I tried to cast the Lance of Light

Ok was just asking because the soft locking sounds like exactly what has been happening to people when they try using abilities or making gem matches while the created gems are still being resolved. It still allows you to try and make matches or cast spells while this is happening though as your turn has already started. I have not seen any other people reporting that lightborn palladins ability on its own is causing any issues but it is gems of war and it is buggy so I am not saying it isn’t possible.

I’ve encountered the bug during my final boss that I film and I’m caught it and uploaded it to YouTube…

Here it is https://youtu.be/wMBJ8OcCNK4

as mentioned above, it is pretty clear that you didnt wait for all the gems to settle before casting. For now it is the only way to avoid the bug


I’ll just say…


One try on pure 500 wasted to this stupid bug.
At 9 tries now, getting really pissed off.

From what I have observed, when you cast your Void Wisp, the opponent’s Wisp’s third trait triggers and creates a purple gem, potentially giving you a 4-5 match. And it works the other way round too, so it can give the AI 4 purple gems, if you have an all Wisp team.