New Faction - Silver Necropolis (Nintendo Switch)

Originally published at: New Faction – Silver Necropolis (Nintendo Switch) – Gems of War

New Faction: Silver Necropolis Join Tassarion, as you explore the forgotten halls of Silver Necropolis! We have a new Faction to delve, as well as lots of new troops, overseen by Vanya Soulmourn! To celebrate the release of this new Faction, we will be running a Faction event over the weekend for Silver Necropolis.

Silver Necropolis is a solid choice to leave at level 20, for when you just want to do 3 Delves and call it a day. I regretted participating in the faction event when it was released on PC/mobile—until City of Thieves came out and surpassed it (edit: surpassed as a permanent low-level faction).

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This was my first faction I did to 2500. First try with faction team. The city of thieves is bad. Real bad lol

Do you think it’s worth replacing The Warrens with Silver Necropolis as the farming Delve?

Overall yes, but…

Silver Necropolis is one of the easiest delves with potions for the pure faction (Top 3 maybe?) and is doable without potions, but with more headache.

Just depends on what priorities you have in the game at that point.