Faction Expansion - Silver Necropolis

Originally published at: Faction Expansion – Silver Necropolis – Gems of War

This weekend Silver Necropolis is getting an expansion. The faction’s Deep Delve will become available for players to enjoy (once they complete Delve Level 100 or higher). It will also be gaining a new Epic Troop – the Negasus. This troop will be available in the event shop this weekend, and will appear in Chaos…

Why is there only 2 and 1 copy tiers in the shop? Didn’t they used to be 5 or more copies?

You are probably thinking Raid Boss or Bounty, faction expansion has always been very stingy on troops.

Negasus should be in the Silver Necropolis drop pool as of today. Any volunteers willing to take a plunge?

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It is there (at least, was for me shortly after daily reset) - 29 copies out of 20k shards.


Found it as well

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