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New Faction - Sea of Sorrow

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/new-faction-sea-of-sorrow/

New Faction: Sea of Sorrow

Join Azura, as you explore the dark waters of the Sea of Sorrow!

We have a new Faction to delve, as well as lots of new troops, ruled over by The Deep King!

To celebrate the release of this new Faction, we will be running a Faction event over the weekend for Sea of Sorrow.

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Same as last time.

Excited, but the new weapon and new pet aren’t showing up in the unowned section.

Is it just me or is the legendary not in the drop pool?

I got 1 in my first 200 shard pull.

2 Coin Purse
2 Priest’s Chalice
1 King’s Crown
3 Mershark
1 Hammerclaw
1 The Deep King

… and next 200 pull (for science)

2 Coin Purse
1 Gold Ring
1 Priest’s Chalice
1 Mershark
3 Hammerclaw
2 The Deep King

the next few pulls were underwhelming though.

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Thanks, was wondering. Used 2k shards already. Didn’t want to continue just to find out he isn’t there

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the new weapon (from the faction event) does not show up in the list

Yes, I have the same issue

Yup, here too. And I bought it without checking first, silly me.

@Sirrian new faction weapon glitch, missing in troops > weapon

Same, no weapon, even after restart.
Or Banner for that matter

The banner should be there:

Sea of Sorrow’s Sorrowful Banner (+2 Blue, +1 Brown, - 1 Yellow), in between Pridelands’s Proud Banner and Shentang’s Lantern Banner

Sea Witch flavor text is typoed.


Banner appeared after restart.
Still no weapon.

And delving so easy with these colors…

Alas, you cannot travel by water here, so the shortest path to the boss room is four battles.

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It’s finally here! Light questline spoiler ahead…

I should have known Azura will be the NPC here. She is the only one with Underwater plot-magic to solve the problem of drowning hero. :rofl: The storyline is quite uneventful though, just shark people invaded by terror from the deep. It could just be a deeper part of Merlantis as well.

Also, fun fact! Azura’s placeholder name is actually Sea Witch, so it’s kinda funny we have her in the questline which got another Epic troop with her former name!

Has anyone came up with speed teams for the event yet? :slight_smile:

Cool, so the Writhing Staff is available now. All we need is to make the Bulb-Biter pet to be made available as well.

Any reason not to make this my farming faction?

Lots of IV rooms here.

That’s my plan. If someone comes in with a great reason, I can always change my mind. Going from farming to leveling is incredibly easy. Shame the other way is impossible right now!

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Not sure what you mean by IV rooms, but there are 8 rooms in this faction (which is currently the max, Crypt Keepers and Hall have 8 while Eye has 7). The other factions have a quicker route to the boss room, but if you’re using this for level 20 farming that doesn’t matter.

The thing we need to figure out is the average Treasure multiplier. Someone figured it out for the other factions in the Delve strategies thread.

I’m probably going to use this as my farming faction regardless, I’d like to start climbing Crypt Keepers and maybe get the pet.