New Faction - Sunken Fleet

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New Faction: Sunken Fleet


Join Atlanta, as you explore the ghost ship of the Maraji Queen!

We have a new Faction to delve, as well as lots of new troops, and a Ghost Ship to explore!

To celebrate the release of this new Faction, we will be running a Faction event over the weekend for the Sunken Fleet.

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I like how the little ships are coloured in on this map. Will we be seeing more colourful maps like this in the future? :slight_smile:

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It’s finally here!

My stats will take a long while to be available though. Looks like new changes are introduced here for how each Delve room is picked, so average Multiplier is no longer possible with the old formula.

Up untill now, I think I see some locked 2 Ocean theme and 1 Snake theme here, so the pool room is much smaller. Any confirmation on that, @Saltypatra?

Edit : It’s done! :smiley:

On average, it’s on par with Silver Necropolis, but could be better or worse depending on that 2 Ocean Legendary rooms. Could be a Farming Faction if you don’t have one already.

Overall, stats average on just 3 and 5 rooms are too small of a data size, making it less reliable.

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If rooms can vary by multiplier, that makes estimates much harder. My first map in the Delve event had three legendary rooms, including both on the mandatory path. I was not looking forward to two mandatory legendary clears with a faction team at levels 200, 300, or (heaven help me) 500!

Great release for a change.
So many utility troops!
A well-thought content in short.
I really wish the game went back to that standard.
Quality > quantity period
In any case thanks @Sirrian this is a good one :+1:

Yeah, got 3 Legendary room at once at well. Average Multiplier of that run is so high, it blow Silver Necropolis out of the water.

That will be quite rare though. My data so far suggests that it work like this.

A: 2 rooms in the middle path to Boss room will be 2 unique combination of this 5 rooms;

  • Smugglers’s Den
  • Dark Wave Pool
  • Coral Cave
  • Drowned Gretto
  • Murky Deep.
    All in the Ocean theme.

B: Room on North West, above the 2nd room you have to beat, will be one of this 3 rooms.

  • Slither Pit
  • Scale Court
  • Viper Nest
    All in Snake Theme.

C: The rest still follow the same rules like previous 9 Factions. 4 remaining rooms are

  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Treasure
  • Potential Treasure Rare (Usual Rare, with a chance for Rare Treasure Room)
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I got 2 issues with the lore/map.

The lore: the sunken fleet is Emperor Scorpius’s old Maraj fleet, that was defeated and sent to Underworld by Bright Forest’s Summer queen (I assume that’s Titania).

So, the game’s Scorpius, Drifting Sands’ Emperor, is actually the reincarnation/revival of an ancient Sin of Maraj general?
How old IS Titania actually, if she was alive at the time of the Maraj kingdom’s fall, as it’s named somewhere that Maraj fell long before other kingdoms even existed, long before even Karakorath’s ancient gods experiments (and subsequent destruction) + the connected creation of Blighted Lands.

Why are there revived/undead Bright Forest troops on the sunken fleet of Maraj? Did Titania sink her own kind together with the ships?
Shortly said, is Titania a hero that saved her land, or a coldblooded murderer that pursued victory over the corpses of her kinsmen?:thinking::thinking:

2nd issue, the map. If comparing the underworld and krystara maps, the sunken fleet is on the wrong side of Bright Forest island… It should have been on the side that’s facing the mainland, as the invaders came from right side of the island, from Sin of Maraj, while the faction/fleet is on the left side. Doesn’t really makes sense that an invading fleet would circle the island to try to land on the opposite side…

Faction team will be a problem with the insistence of random death marks - Devs seem fascinated by death mark.

My first go at L20 normal team, the Drowned Sailor did death marks 3 times in a row!! Luckily I wrapped up quick.


Awaiting comment from TheIdleOne, but I am guessing that the faction team is going to wind up looking like Queen/Elemental/Queen/Sailor. The Water Elemental’s spell is too useful to hide behind a second Queen, but having two Doomskull converters seems terribly handy.

We’ve got crabs!! :rofl:

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An empowered converter that gives Death marks…
Elementals with 50% mana starts…

PvP will be brutal. Oh wait, it already is.


I think Suna is the Queen it was referring to?

Based on the official new post lore of Suna and Scorpious, the queen who defeat the fleet should be Suna instead of Titania.

And Suna, according to the lore, is technically Undead, as she was alive at the time Al-Maraji Empire still existed, then get poisoned and killed by Scorpious, then come back for revenge.

In my understanding, Scorpious never really died since then, as he was also called God-Emperor. He had been surviving all this time. Also, I think ancient Al-Maraji Empire is consist of current time Sin of Maraj, Leonis Empire and Drifting Sand. Leonis Empire seem to be the last part survived Suna’s attack and able to rebuild.

As for Sunken Fleet event, it probably happend after Suna is revived and destroyed some part of the Al-Maraji Empire, so Scorpious was sending a fleet to fight back. Based on the questline, The Maraji Queen, Scorpious’ ship, is likely builded in ancient port town of current Leonis Empire. Drown Sailors are probably the crews. Not sure about Crab Man, it’s either a local wildlife of Bright Forest/Underworld or cursed sailors. For Water Elemental, it was created by Suna as part of her troops to destroy the fleet. So, I don’t think Suna is evil as all, just defending her kingdom.

For the map part, it’s tricky. I guess map ratio of Overworld and Underworld are not the same, so related parts might not be directly below. Geography of the Underworld is so different as well, so I don’t think we can use the location of the Faction in the Underworld to assume the traveling path of the ship on Overworld.

Also I really miss the lore discussion. Really wish Lorekeeper or shorter weekly lore will be back soon. Lore is one of my favorite part of the game. Everything is not the same without it. :sob:


I am too. “What tf is this? Why’s it here?”

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Anyone else seeing the same rooms over and over again, post-25 Tower of Doom style?

Added bonus, mine are consistently aquatically-themed.

To be specific: I’m over past 200 now, only doing the straight shot to the boss room, and the two rooms in between are always a combination of Dark Wave Pool, Coral Cave, Murky Deep, Smugglers Den and possibly Drowned Grotto. And this is in the event, not the daily three.

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Since you mentioned it, I’m paying attention now. Last 2 delves so far have exclusively aquatic-themed levels along the middle section (though not in the corners).

Which is frankly pretty awesome in terms of lore and theme, if inconvenient for the min/maxers.

“Aquatic-themed” is a lot easier to pin down - more common - than most others, might be interesting to hit up some of the undead factions or something and see what happens. Unless the devs have an explanation.

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Just saw the comment, I had a late start today, but indeed that’s what I gravitated to on my 100 attempt (accidentally did it with potions, yay?)…

Its not uncommon to cast Maraji Queen, then have another alignment show up for a 2nd Maraji Queen cast.

More importantly, Water Elemental doesn’t scale well for later delves without potions. With potions, its more valuable, but you can fill it fast enough with a +2 Blue banner and its Water Link trait. (I ended up going Sea of Sorrow banner over the faction banner).

On top of all that, If you happen to lose your Maraji Queen up front, you aren’t losing the 50% start if you have a 2nd one, though that remains to be tested (for me) if thats necessary or not.

Crab Man is a pointless troop and you fill too fast to need 2 Drowned Soldier. Even if you wanted to spam Death marks, you can fill it fast enough that you don’t need to spam 2 (since the 2nd one would have no presence besides DM spam).

That leaves 2 Maraji Queen or 2 WE and I find 2 TMQ more useful.

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I cleared 200 with two Water Elementals, I’ve got T6 worth of potions though. Looking at 250 but I got distracted by there being four legendary rooms and cleared it with non-faction stuff.

The thing is that you need a proper board setup for Maraji to cast, and if you don’t have it then having another doesn’t help - the traits also don’t help. Whereas Water Elementals can be cast at basically any time and the link trait stacks nicely.

Death mark in delve kind of sucks- your troops can pop on the 2nd term and then they’re gone for the rest of the battles. (not fun.)