New Faction - Sunken Fleet

As long as you get a few 3 match conversions, you typically clear the entire table using doomskulls.

its not too hard to cast Maraji.

If you can’t, you can still spam Water Elemental

Is it worth saving this one to farm at level 20?

Meh. It’s too easy for troops to wind up Submerged, which is irritating for a farm faction—all those useful “attack all enemies” spells are suddenly missing one or more targets. I think it’s still Silver Necropolis and Sea of Sorrow in terms of payouts (though I use SoS because I don’t want to try advancing with a faction team there!).


Somewhere above is the numbers, and my interpretation of the numbers was “it’s hard to tell if Sunken Fleet is better than the next-best faction, we’ll have to wait and see.”

I think the “wait and see” results are summed up by Grundulum. The room layouts are likely to be annoying, so whatever tiny margin your multiplier might gain is sullied by that experience.


Oh! I didn’t see he updated his post with the numbers. Thank ye

Seriously, devs, what’s the deal with this? I’m genuinely interested to know now. @Saltypatra ?

Two whole days and its consistently been the same teams in those rooms for me. Sort of hard to illustrate with screenshots or I’d do that.

Also Leviathan can stop now please.

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That was boring as hell. Same team all the time yaaaak

I just picked up a Valraven so I’ll note down the rooms I get from here …

V: Murky Deep
III: Dark Wave Pool

II: Smuggler’s Den
V: Murky Deep

V: Murky Deep
II: Smuggler’s Den

V: Murky Deep
IV: Coral Cave

If I’ve not been clear, I mean these two middle rooms on the straight path to the boss.


Uhh… I got that conclusion 2 hours after this Faction is released, by sharing our layouts with guildmates. I even marked them on the map above, and edited my formula to consider them to get accurate statistic about Multiplier.

Also, didn't you also notice that top Epic room wil always rotate between 3 Snake/Naga/Amphibian room

It’s quite clear this is the new change the dev will implement in upcoming factions, to make them more unique and fit to the theme of each ones.

So, for next Faction...

We should expected some special room(s) with “Nest” theme, including; dragon, spider, Cockatrice and Viper.

I agree though that having two tricky Legendary rooms in 2/5-rotation of required path to beat the Boss make this Faction unnecessarily harder.

Its s faction based on chance, where the AI deathmark has a noticeably higher strike rate than yours does. Did you really expect more when you spend so much on this idiocy? Mugs of war.

Ever since the Q&A stream. @Sirrian agreed that the Delves are too difficult to use 100% Faction Troops to win. Yet, the Delves have only gotten more difficult since the Q&A so who’s actually in charge of GoW now?
He also agreed that it’s unfair that I can score 35 skull points in PvP compared to someone who gets 70 for the same exact match.
It’s like someone apologizing while punching someone in the face. The words ring hollow because the actions are the complete opposite of what the words are expressing.


By the time I’d caught on to there being a pattern at all I was only doing the straight path. I definitely saw a couple Naga rooms when I double-checked, but I didn’t fully investigate.

I did originally post on day one about this. Not that I had a clue what was going on.

It sure feels like the publisher is in the driver’s seat, like they’re only interested in ARPU / ARPPU / conversion rate and don’t care whether the changes effect churn, and like the devs are just doing what they’re told. :man_shrugging:

Just how it looks to me.