Treasure Hoard, the Gold Sink

So if we use treasure the troop goes back to being unowned? Bloody ridiculous. Treasures should not be troops period.

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i agree this is ridiculous a calice and a ring as a troop

I actually like the delves but only allowing 3 turns is not enough. I completed everything you can do in the underworld in like 15 minutes.

Now for them to announce guilds wars will be every 4 weeks, and another Gem vacuum will be added with 7 tiers of wasted gems…so i can be completely fed up with the game and fully break the addiction.


If the exp required to go up a level is 1 per level like it is with EXP, those dedicated to maxing out all factions are going to be in for hell. At level 499, one sacred treasure is only just going to be enough to hit 500 and after that, not even the sacred treasure is going to be enough to level up… and there are 500 more levels to go after that. Oh boy.

This doesn’t carry over either… if it was a pot for all then sure, I can understand the harsh curve since the benefits of getting it to max is pretty nice looking but the time and resources necessary could easily shy away the most dedicated.

Edit: Oh and, while I remember, it also doesn’t help you only get 3 delves a day on a scaling delve to the point that if you are unable to even pass the first battle, it’s just going to wound everyone even more.

Maxing a faction requires at least a level 100 treasure hoard, a fully completed level 500 delve with no casualties and only those faction troops… yikes… someone on the achievement team thought a Level 20 pet and Xathenos weren’t hard enough on everyone.


Hey, I’m still a big dumb-dumb and don’t super-understand how to minimize gold costs. I read the wonderful post above (and quoted it just so that I don’t lose the info, lol), but was wondering now what to do with other combinations.
This is my stuff right now:
I could get the 100% with the three Lamps and a Ring or the three Lamps and two Coin Purses. But is that good? I’m now at Delve Level 50 for All-Seeing Eye and 60 for Hall of Guardians and I don’t think I can get much deeper without hoard help…but I also don’t wanna do something suboptimal because I have serious issues to meet my guild’s requirements every week already and don’t want to set myself up onto a road of despair.

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Your best choice would be using less highest-tier Treasure as possible. So that would be Genie’s Lamb + Priest’s Chalice x3 + Gold ring (30+60+10), this will garantee to get Quality upgrade. You better save those extra Genie’s lamp for next 5 batch upgrade.

I just did that as well, and it only cost 4,000 gold to get to level 28 and quailty level 2! ^^


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Oooh, but would you recommend that? I had thought about saving up the Chalices until I have five of them for a for-sure upgrade I could probably do faster then. I’m honestly already at a loss how to progress with the Faction I wouldn’t upgrade… and am even considering maybe waiting and just staying at the current Delve levels until the next faction is released and upgrading that one then because its legendary looks pretty nuts and I’m scared of facing it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really wish this would be less complicated. But yeah I get the 4k gold cost basically in all ways as well, but the Lamps get me to a much higher level than your combination. Something in the upper 30s I believe.

Why does this have to be math? Bunnies are not good at math, so no one should have to be. I absolutely do not comprehend how to figure these costs out and see easily what the best way to progress is. :confused:

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The gold cost escalates very quickly and it’s necessary to rush quality on the treasure hoards so your drop rates inside the delves aren’t complete garbage but to be able to rush quality, you need shards and if the game is barely dropping shards… what can you do?

You could gamble with chance by going say 50% but if it fails, you’ll need to pay more for the next try and the cycle continues.


Yeah, it quite complicated with many random part. I’m also quite bad at math, so I just settled for the easiest, best way to do stuff right now without worrying much about future.

Genie’s Lamb x3 + Gold Ring would be best way with less gold cost and faster exp in long run. But if you only use 1 and combine it with others lower-tier Treasure, you get to upgrade the hoard more next time with easier 100% quailty success, so you will get higher quailty level faster, but with more gold.

Your next update right now could be Genie’s Lamb x2 + Gold ring x3 (60+30). It’s only 90%, but for me doing 80%+ might worth the risk if you’re low on Treasures. I just did one with 85% as well (25+20+20+10+10) and it glady success, just less hoard level. Best way would still be waiting for Priest’s Chalice and doing it like the first time for garantee upgrade again. So, good luck! ^^

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I failed at 70% yesterday, so… this 100% math has been an eye opener. Shouldn’t be too difficult… I initially thought it would get harder to improve quality the higher it went.


Man… this actually opens up another question: Is it better to spread hoard quality upgrades out through all Factions or is it better to rush one to 10 and only then focus on another? I wonder what would yield overall more shards and, with that, more treasure…

Thanks for that! Yeah, I guess I could try a 90% one… I’m super-scared, of course, but I really feel like I need help in Delves at the moment already. :confused: I barely won mine today, it was pretty horrible. It’s hard to decide to wait when, to bring in more treasure, you need to go into Delves again in the first place and hopefully not-suck and then have RNG luck with the chest.

Well, given that I now also have no idea if I should possibly try to upgrade one Faction hoard twice or each one once, I likely will do nothing for now and wreck my brain over it for hours, because that’s how I am. Lol. :rabbit:

I’d probably upgrade 1 faction to get more stat bonuses from the actual hoard. Then again, by the time you get Quality level 10, it maybe somewhat close to the Hoard level 100 for max renown points, in which case the rest that goes in that is strictly just more stat points… (which then might be worth switching unless you need the help in stats for the 4 Faction troop run at Delve level 500)

Gut feeling: I would rather hang out at a difficulty level I can fully clear than forge ahead doing just the mandatory rooms. Once my Hoard is quality 10 I will press onward, but I want the highest possible chest multiplier at the highest possible chest level. I am content to sacrifice the x1 bonus for going one stage deeper since I know I will get several additional chances to upgrade the chest level.


Has anyone worked out the best formula to get quality 10 and horde 100 for the least amount of gold? It might already be in this thread but all the math is making me go blind lol

TimeKnight has been doing something like this for the latest delves. All credit to him of course

The snarky answer is all Sacred Treasures, but that doesn’t really help anyone though.

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So 12P + 27K + 5GL + 1S costs 459K for Q10 H100?

Seems that way. Its a fair balance of every type without throwing in just Sacred Treasures.

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Sounds about right. And keeping the sacreds will help if I ever decide to go above 108 (used too many GL and S early on for that one. Thanks.

You can also replace one donation of 5K with two donations of 5P if you are low on crowns. If you do it before getting to the crown phase the total cost only increases slightly.