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New Counter Imp Troops

Name of Super Kingdom: Primal
Each of the 14 5 star Explore Zones from the Super Kingdom will allow you to find a specific traitstone.

New Imp Elemental troops:

  1. ICY Will shoot an arrow to freeze an enemy troop for 1 + MS (Magic Skill) turns.
    During this time, the troop can do nothing. Will gain no
    mana, cannot cast its spell, will do no damage with skull matches.

  2. FIERY Will shoot an arrow to do 1 + MS TRUE damage for 1 + MS turns.

  3. WINDY Will create a Tornado over the top troop for 1 + MS turns. Will do 1 + MS TRUE damage and drain 1 + MS mana to the top troop and then push it to the bottom spot. The next troop will then be taken into the tornado.

  4. SANDY Will create a sandstone for a troop for 1 + MS turns. The sandstone will do no damage to the troop inside. However, there is a 100 % chance that if this troop does skull damage it will hit itself. And spells cast has a 100% chance to hit itself or an ally. Any trait ability has a 100% chance to hit its own team.

  5. THUNDERBOLT Will throw a thunderbolt to disintegrate a troop.
    A trait of this Mythic troop will reduce ALL starting mana of the enemy team to 1 mana.

  6. AIRY Will shoot an arrow to hit a troop and will reduce all mana this troop will gain from ANY gem matches to 1 for 1 + MS turns.

These NEW Imps are the perfect counter to any troop. Ubastet giving you too many problems, bring ICY along and freeze him. Too many Pesky goblins, counter with a sandstorm or a tornado or ICY. Don’t nerf troops, create counters to them instead.

  1. Thundercloud Will cast a thunderstorm over the enemy troops doing 1 + MS damage to all troops for 1 + MS/2 turns.

  2. Mirror Image Will cast a protected shield against spells for 1 + MS turns. The Shield will reflect all spells back at the troop that cast it. The Shield goes down after being hit by a spell for the intended targets.

  3. Watery Will cast a whirlpool at a target troop which will do 1+ MS damage for 1 + MS turns. Has a 10% chance to migrate to another troop per turn.

It might work, but I would recommend giving them more creative names. As for imp 5, would it’s trait counter traits like empowered, or drop magic to 1. If the former, then it would be a 3rd trait. If the latter, then the imp would be BROKEN AS F***.