Small Wishes For Troops!

I start out:
Give Herdmaster back the Impervious trait. Exchange it for Fey Bond trait. :stuck_out_tongue:

Small wishes come true:

  • Currently none.

Give Green Seer Nature Link. Exchange it for Fey Bond or Alert trait.


Give Apothecary Stone Link. Exhcange it for any of her traits.


Give Draakulis the Impervious trait. Exchange it for Warded trait.


Dark Monolith should deal double damage to the two weakest enemy troops even when he has taken damage to his Armor. Currently only deals double damage to two of the weakest enemies if opponent has damaged his Life.

Can I add some?

Change Dark Master spells to summon up to 2 Thralls and , if possible, change the 3rd trait Armored for Stealthy.

Change Dragonette spell to cause 2-5 random status effects .


Change Stonhammers third trait to 100% skull reducation. W

We might even see him from time to time with trait like that.


Naw, dog. Give him just 50% resistance, but to both spells and skulls.


I use Stonehammer all the time :slight_smile:

Why do you hurt yourself :frowning:

I really enjoy the troop. Full team stun is great for neutralizing things like Famine/Death on turn stat reduction, Mab’s freeze, Korvash stuns, as well as shutting down DK’s on death curse. I play it with Dragon Soul usually so the red gem creation usually allows TDS to refill itself on cast. The immunity to death touch removes fear from Warith, and I can bait skulls all day.

Me on the other side have not even used Stonehammer once… :stuck_out_tongue:


First troop i’ll craft when crafting goes live :wink:


Shame we cant trade :wink: I have two of him.

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75% Magic Resistance (spell reduction and chance to resist status effects) and he’ll be amazing and unique. It really fits with the flavor as I know several games associate Dwarves with magic resistance. Come to think of it, even if Stonehammer never gets this, we really need a Magic Resistance trait.

I applaud most threads pushing to see a wider range of troops get buffed and be used more. But this lot seems to be mostly about taking a few favourites that are already used and making them better. I think this attention could be better directed elsewhere…


Make peasant and dwarven miner cost 0.

Also give them empowered trait

EDIT: and extra turn

I would like to see a slight change to DRACOS 1337

Adjust his third trait, Technomancy, from ‘Decrease a random enemy’s Magic by 2 on 4 or 5 gem matches’ to ‘Decrease all enemies magic by 1’

Moloch aleady has it. However I think they could had added one more magic to its already existed trait: Decrease a random enemy’s Magic by 3 on 4 or 5 gem matches

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