Small Wishes For Troops!

Agreed with this. In todays high magic world, 2-3 magic dont make a huge difference, but at least 3 at a time is better.

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Maybe also make it that it drains the first enemy troop magic with 3 in each 4-5 gem matches instead of a random one.

Unfortunately Moloch and Plague affect ‘skill’ points which can be anything from life, armour, attack or magic (or nothing most times). But a tweak to affect all enemy magic by one, effectively doubles the reduction that it previously had, (vs an entire team of course).

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Ure right, I always thought Moloch took away 1 magic on every enemy troop on each 4-5 gem matches. I still couldnt believe it even if I checked his trait now… His Legendary trait also needs to be looked at.

Well I’d be quite biased to say to boost him, I still use Moloch a great deal, especially more so after Guild Wars. His spell can two-shot anything at the right time, draining the mana is just an added bonus.

But it seems the only time DRACOS gets any love is when you require that extra impervious troop.

Edit: for example, Rock Troll. Today was the first (and probably last) time I’ve used him. Purely against a Death Knight/Kerberos/Forrest Guardian team in GW, for the fact he could stun DK and then not be devoured. Being buffed for the week sealed the selection, but will he get used again by me?

I’m all for buffing the troops that aren’t in people’s view as a viable, worthwhile addition to their team.