Please Nerf This troop

I hate goblins sooo much. The goblin troop in general needs to be nerfed cause I’m seeing them everywhere whether its in guild wars as a cheat team to get more wins or its in pvp as an unbeatable team. Please @devs and @admins do something

Use status effects. There are many ways to defeat Goblins, they have been around for years.

You can threaten people with flags all you want, bottom line is they are hardly a problem in the big picture when you know how to deal with them.

Nerfs are not a substitute for refusing to learn.

Freeze and silence are 2 solid ways to stifle extra turns and disable casting. Elementalist is also a great way to spam status effects on 4 matches.


Goblin teams can be aggravating if you don’t have some sort of counter to them, but no more than plenty of other metas that have come (and mostly gone) over the years. But @Tabu is correct: there are a great number of ways to deal with them as well.

They’re not unbeatable in PvP. And while Goblin teams may populate the lower brackets of Guild Wars, I seldom see them now that I’m in a guild that fights in Bracket 1 (PSN) and I suspect most of my guildmates would say the same if polled on the subject.


Goblins is a cheat team? :joy: If the troops selected are valid, which they will be, they cannot be classed as cheating. There are plenty of counters out there, just got to get creative with the options available. There are certainly worse defenses than goblins.


This is what the Elementalist Class is for.

Use its “Snap Freeze” Talent and an Empowered Converter to get 4 matches and the Goblins’ Looping ability is frozen out so you can pick them off at your leisure.


What kinds of Goblin troops are giving you the most trouble? Remember, not all Troops are created equal.

  • If the goblin spells are the main problem, Silence and Mana Drain are your friends.
  • If it’s just Extra Turns in general, Freeze is your friend. But remember that Freeze is color-specific so you have to pay attention to which troop you want to Freeze. Borealis is great for this (just freezes ALL opponents outright, gets even better when fully traited) but other troops that can freeze multiple opponents (Sylfrostenath, Ice Golem) or even just troops with “Chill Touch” (Winter Knight, etc) will definitely help where they can.

I wouldn’t blame you if you’re getting thrashed by, say, a King Gobtruffle+Fundingus tagteam, as the ability to explode a large chunk of the board at once is a HUGE boost to everyone else on the team.


Just poking my head in to say, I would just have your discussion and share your ideas, then flag and ignore any posts that go against community guidelines - don’t respond to them.

Threatening flags and telling people to act normal tends to cause more problems than would naturally happen :sweat_smile:

Most people here are doing the right thing so no need to preface your posts each time :sweat_smile:

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I think maybe you need to take a break from the game and work on your mental health instead. Games shouldn’t cause stress. They should be enjoyed. If you’re not enjoying it, step away from it.


Don’t stress the annoying troops, trust me they will look like something little you can step on in a few game plays. I remember in my early days here I would complain about E.K. (Emperor Khorvash) having too much power and how he was the most used troop in PVP. Now he’s just a big mosquito. I got better at the game since then and have come up with strategies on how to win. Goblins are so annoying, so when the world gives you goblins just make goblin juice :person_shrugging:


Sorry I never meant to post what I said. That day for me was just stressful and no its not the game or any of my other games. I have deleted that post.

Anyone playing the game long enough will remember the utter annoyance of the justice league defense, more so when every guild wars battle was the same setup. At least nowadays the hero and a bigger drop pool provide a viable counter to a range of strong defenses.