New Bugs all Day long without conesquences

The bugs in the game are becoming more numerous every day. Four moves are not counted correctly. Especially in guild wars, your own four moves only count half as much as those of the opponent, or are not counted at all. Opponents have a 110% chance of spawning life and death. A spider spawns every turn, even if it’s not your opponent’s turn. For me, this chance of summoning a spider seems to be 0% Lyrasza’s lair is completely bugged. Lyrasza doesn’t do area damage every other game, but only ever hits the first opponent. Again, the chance of damage is either zero or 99%. Means for me as a player at 0% for the opponent at 100% Dementicore partially triggers none of its 3 properties. The enemy is hit, but none of the three effects are applied. Chaoshound on Opponent triggers without being full. And no, I don’t have any videos and I won’t make any. I just don’t see any more wasting support time on a game where the programmers don’t seem to spend any more time testing. It’s not my job to constantly fix bugs that will eventually be replaced by new ones.

None of what your are experiencing actually happened. Either that or its a visual issue or working as intended. If you make strongly worded posts long enough, it will get added to the we could care less list and forgotten. Also do not forget to buy some flash deals and chase those rotten bananas like a trained monkey. “It will get better.”