New banner design is awesome


Just wanted to say the new banner design is pimpin, really like it!

Also thx for compensation for server goblerinos.


I agree, I really dig the new designs, they are awesome looking, and I cant wait to learn how to be the best at the new game modes with a little help from my guild


Love this oneā€¦



+1, the banners certainly look better than the old ones. Nicely done :+1:


Absolutely! Credit where credit is due the new banners are fantastic!

Makes me wonder what the game would look like if this same aesthetic was applied to the rest of the UI.


We still have the old design for mobile, even on Mythic graphic setting :frowning:


My android devices have the new banners.


Hi everyone, does anyone know where I can download all the new banners in png? Taransworld could you help me?


@ALE221279, you can download them from

Here is the link for the first banner link(s):
The next banner is K01.png and they go up to K31.png


Thank you so much, You know by chance where I can find all the new arcane Traitstones in PNG?


@ALE221279, you can download Arcane Traitstones from

Here is the link for the first Arcane Traitstone:
The next arcane is 19_large.png and they go up to 39_large.png


Just to agree with the OP: really liking the new banner art


This one reminds me of cobra commander.

Go Joe!


Thank you very much, i wanted to thank you for the work you do