Nerf Dragon's Eye already! (or alternatively, buff all other transform troops)


Who cares if you lose to it in PVP. If you are not smart enough to skip a battle that makes you mad then I don’t know what to say. When I lose to it I quickly go to next battle. Others go on forums demanding it be stopped. How in the heck are you ever going to beat a level 500 delve if everything has been Nerfed. Spend 100 million gold maybe. If this troop gets a Nerf again it might be time to say to heck with this game. Good grief


I would happily deal with Stonehammer, Dragon’s Eye, Gimlet and Highforge because Stonehammer will lovingly take the brown and with that, I can just murder that Eye before it gets the chance to cause trouble. Oh if only that was the case…

Hell, the +1 stackers are more fun than Dragon’s Eye like… Stonehammer, Champion of Anu, Scorpius and Imperial Jewel with Bard. Anyone want to guess why?

Edit: In fact, devs should make a room in delves that has a hero holding a Dragon’s Eye and make it a mandatory room with that hero having Titan including Barrier on Brown. Having it mandatory means no dodging it and then you’ll see the problem. A guaranteed transform is bad enough since most teams need a full synergy and not a broken mess with a baby dragon or toadstool or wraith and so on.


I think that rather than more nerfs because everyone is crying, a good solution would be to add a trait that gives “Immunity to Transform” or possibly even as a class perk, which might have the added bonus of making other classes more viable.
I face teams in PVP that use Dragon’s eye and sure it can be annoying when it constantly spams it. But it doesn’t happen as much as people cry about it happening. Because God forbid those people should face even the remotest degree of challenge in their endeavours. It is fun to fight with what the RNG throws you after you transform your baby dragon into whatever you have.


I think there is another, more clever solution.
First of all, I would only make the Transform ability work once on each card, and not for the infinite amount.
Second, I would make it so, that Dragons cannot be transformed because they are already Dragons.
Third. Enemy Hero with Champion Level 100 should be granted immunity to it, EXCEPT if he’s got STUNNED.


I got a better solution!

You see that refresh button?


Man your only argument the entire thread has been one or the other:

  • git gud n00b
  • ignore it
  • go play another game

Unless you can come up with some compelling content you’re really just spamming up the thread by repeating the same antagonistic content over and over.

There are constructive ways to state you feel the effect is exaggerated, but it sort of requires at least pretending you’ve read the discussion and directly addressing the points other people have made.

That said, the discussion is kind of circular. Again, it reminds me of the Dawnbringer thread:

  • Most people agree that defensive Dragons’s Eye is troubling in some way and warrants an adjustment.
  • Everyone agrees that offensive Dragon’s Eye is a nice tool and shouldn’t be affected harshly.
  • A lot of people have ideas, both good and bad, for how to balance those two concerns by adjusting DE.
  • Several people point out there are other defensive annoyances that exacerbate DE, and suggest those should be targeted before DE itself.
  • Some people believe there is never any problem with the game except the ones they believe in and are a nuisance in threads started by anyone but themselves.

I’m pretty sure if you walk through every post in this thread, you can assign one of those categories to each. I think “discussing the ideas” is fun, and “should it be adjusted” is an old, moot topic. The devs have already said they’re looking at how to adjust it. It’s a done deal.


Sorry next time i will make sure to post a 30 paragraphs answer. People are crying for nothing, now it’s DE next time it will be giant toad. People need to use their brain and try to build a team to beat that kind of team. It’s clear the people crying here Are always using the same team over and over and when they face that team they don’t know how to play cause they are on automatic playing mode.

Asking for nerf every time you got a little trouble with a team isin’t the solution


Sadly with everyone running it nonstop for defense, it will be nerfed again. This only hurts us in delves as the initial nerf made delves a lot longer and I barely play delve because of it. When everyone is using one team or card you know its coming. Just like the nonstop yao’s.


Yeah reading comprehension is sort of required for this kind of discussion.


Remove the transform from the spell, but remove half the levels of the troop. Increase mana to 18.


Of course part of the issue is that some class start half-full, meaning a single brown match will fill the Eye AND barrier them .

How about « If there is no baby dragon in play, transform a random ennemy into one »


Well, DE got nerfed… now give 2 mana to red allies, deep borer, gimlet and rock troll say thx :stuck_out_tongue:


This thing needs to go yesterday.

I’m goddamn tired of all the rocket tag teams we keep ending up with where the only meaningful counter is “kill it before it casts, or you lose”.


I think a lot of problems come from Hero class, like Barrier on brown match, Stealthy traits, 50% starts, etc, making it way more difficult to stop the thing from going off at least once.


I agree, playing against dragon’s eye is like a torture. Game isn’t fun anymore.


Nerf all the weapons or troops that give you grief then you can win every match. Let’s nerf Jar of Eyes, it is so annoying, then that darn Bandit keeps showing up, slows me down by seconds, gosh darn it…
What is so difficult about skipping PvP battles that have Dragon’s Eye?. Do a two or one trophy battle and move on. I go to tier one and beyond most weeks and it’s not really that prevalent on defense. I just skip those teams


I my case I very often have 3 DE battles to pick from.


Actually I agree that we need no rant on it any more but for this question I wanna say: it’s pretty annoying to hit that Refresh button every 2 times in PvP match.


Try level 500 delve without it. You are allowed to skip those battles unless you too lazy. You can also retreat and move to next match. What I would like to see Nerfed is the complaining. Some want Nerfs and some want glitches that benefit them back and I just want people to stop the constant temper tantrums. I’m happy my troop menu does not feeeze anymore but you would not know it from the constant crying in here.


I must be lucky I guess as I have never run into more than one