When Dragons Eye get nerfed that much

…that it favors the opponent! :sunglasses:

Elemaugrim on 8 hp. Opponents turn, able to match skulls to finish the game. Instead casting with DE and ressurect the whole situation.

(Were able to record just 30 seconds, result on screenshot).

sorry for bad screenshot-quality. Was to slow before it switched to the endscreen.

That is just one example, why this weapon is totaly useless now. I loved this weapon for delving too. It weakened the opponents and you could collect a lot of mana while casting. What happens now? If you transform a troop on a delve, then you get instantly 50 damage on the next turn as gift.


“When you intentionally transform a killable enemy instead of killing it, deliberately turning it into a full HP unit with a charged up ability, it’ll use that ability. Therefore, this weapon is useless.”


(Man, I’m apparently gonna get so much mileage out of this!)

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On defense… Mostly.

How does transform work? Is the level of the baby dragon the same as magic of the enemy caster OR level of the troop that is transformed?

However, when the baby dragon casts, regardless of its magic, it will transform into a dragon that matches its level and traits in the players collection. ie your level 10 baby dragon with 14 magic will transform into a level 20 worldbreaker if you own a level 20 worldbreaker. Not sure what happens if you dont have the worldbreaker tho

The dragon eye caster or the opponent getting transformed?

I edited my post with further clarification

Ok so…dragon eye turns enemy into half the original level baby dragon.
Baby dragon turns into max deck dragon.

So what level does baby dragon turn into in delves?

Baby dragon in delves transforms into a dragon with similar stats

Unowned troops will spawn as a level 1 troop without traits (happened in the video with Elemaugrim too).

Good example with Tacets screenshots btw. Exactly what was stated on the openingpost. You transform a troop and on the next turn you received 62 damage. So obviously a counterproductive weapon… but yes, I am just a cryer :+1:

Someone said the dragons level depends on your vip level, but i dont have a way to verify it

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You could be right. As far as I know new troops start with lvl 5 as VIP? So could be right, that unowned troops who come up after transform will have lvl 5 too :+1:

New troops can be level 1, 5, 10, or 15 depending on your vip level

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The AI not knowing how to use the weapon effectively does not make it useless. The AI is really bad at using quite a few converter troops. Does that make those troops useless?

DE is now (once again) useless in PvP and useful in Delves, just like it used to be.

How is DE useful in delves?! You weaken the last enemy, but you get instantly damage on the next turn. If you have a low hp troop, then you can say, that you purposely killing yourself with that.

It can make a troop digestible.